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Carpet cleaning is a very important part of maintaining a beautiful and hygienic house. Carpet must not be grimy. It is not only a threat to the purity and elegance of the carpet, but it is also one of the reasons for causing allergic reactions to the members of the family. Surely this is not something you want to happen, so it is essential to learn how to properly clean and remove dust from your carpet or you can go for a professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services.

Cleaning the carpet and removing stains and dirt can be difficult, but certainly not impossible. Clean carpets are important for the appearance of your house and the health of the people living in it. Stains and dusty carpets can distract from the peaceful atmosphere, while allergens and dust can cause respiratory problems. There are many ways to make the task a little easier when cleaning the carpet.

How to effectively remove dust from your carpet with the best carpet cleaning Melbourne practices?

Dusty carpets can be a real headache. Also, it is difficult to invest in the carpet cleaning services every time as it can be expensive. Fret not. Keep these tips in mind and remove the dust and stains from the carpet without any hassle:

• Regular cleaning of Carpet

• Clean your carpet using carpet sweepers

• Broom beating

• Using Roll-O-Vac

Let’s understand each of these techniques briefly:

Carpet Cleaning Using Carpet Sweeper

There are many types of carpet sweepers. This can be another good way to remove dust from your carpet. In addition, you can use a vacuum cleaner. In case, all these carpet stain remover tactics don’t work, it is better to fold the carpet and take it to a specialist or call them home.

Broom Beating

Brooms were used in ancient times before carpet sweepers and vacuum cleaners were invented and are still in use. It consists of rough bristles or strokes to perform the same function. Hanging the carpet in a certain position and hitting a broom can remove dust and dirt. Broom beats may not be effective as a carpet stain remover because they tend to come in contact with removing loose dust and passing other types of dust. Other than that, it’s really tiring and you can’t do this even if you have a dust allergy.

Use Roll-O-Vac for Carpet Cleaning

This is a kind of sticky tape roller with a long arm used to clean the dirt from the surface. Similar to other types of tape rollers used to paint high wall and ceiling boards. It is usually used in large areas that do not require frequent visits to areas that have already been cleaned or dusty. It is also effective because it tends to collect more dust and dirt, and the cleaning process is more straightforward to handle, which makes the job easier if you want to save bucks on the carpet cleaning service.

Similarly, there are other kinds of machines available. After soaking the carpet, sprinkle spray made with water and detergent, wash it and then spray it again. This machine can effectively remove dust and dirt from the surface. It can also be a good carpet stain remover in many cases.

You spend a lot to buy a carpet for the first time. If you cannot do the cleaning yourself, it is better to call a specialist carpet cleaning Melbourne company.

Tips to Reduce House Dust to Stop it Accumulating in the Carpet

1. Use mats to prevent dust from gathering in your home. The mat at the entry point helps to catch dust before entering the house. Shake the mat every week.

2. Cultivate a habit of taking off shoes when entering the house. Just take off shoes when entering the house, and you won’t have a lot of dust in your house. Less dust builds up on carpets and rugs, which reduces dust every time you walk.

3. Remove dust with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth keeps dust out. Wash the microfiber cloth immediately after removing the dust so that the dust you just cleaned does not get back into the air. Never use fabric softeners as they will reduce the dust collection capacity of the microfiber cloth.

4. Vacuum regularly. After cleaning, vacuum the dust accumulated on the floor. Vacuuming cleans hard floors and removes the dirt accumulated on carpets and rugs.


Regardless of the method, keeping a clean carpet can be a big help in maintaining a healthy home. Most people do not think about carpets until there is a spill or it is noticeably dirty. Carpets are often a breeding ground for dust mites and other allergens, so we need to pay attention to them before this happens. In addition, proper care of carpets increases their lifespan and saves time and money.

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