Efficient Ways to Apply Latex Makeup and Create a Look

Artists using latex makeup know full well the creative ways to build fantasy looks. Latex makeup is one of the effective ways to create wrinkles, scars, scrapes and zombie looks. Take your time to devise a plan, then, start working on your masterpiece. Using different techniques, try to innovate designs. In this way, you can build outstanding works.

  • Apply liquid latex

Shave your skin where the paint is to be applied

Shaving the area is important for pain-free removal of latex body paints. As the paint dries, it will start clinging to the hair, which will cause pain during its removal.

Tip: You can use a razor to remove hair and clean the area.

Use petroleum jelly and vegetable oil

Artists use alternatives for applying latex paint on sensitive areas like eyebrows. No one would like to apply the latex makeup directly on his or her eyebrows. Try to use a vegetable oil or petroleum jelly to coat the eyebrows. The coating will lubricate the hair and cause pain-free removal of the makeup.

Tip: You can use a vegetable oil like canola or olive oil. Use the lotion to make the application and removal process easier.

Shake the latex bottle before Use

Keeping the cap on the paint, shake the bottle up and down for a few minutes. Thus, the latex can be mixed thoroughly, and it becomes easy to apply it.

Apply a layer first

Use a brush or sponge for the application of liquid latex. Take a bowl, and pour the paint. Dip a brush or sponge into the bowl, and apply the liquid latex to the area.

Using the brush or the sponge, add a thin layer of liquid latex. Gradually, add subsequent layers of the makeup.

You can either use a hair drier or let the paint to dry without any machine

The liquid latex takes around five to ten minutes to get dry at the normal body temperature. However, you can use driers for instant results. There is also a correct method for use of driers. Setup the drier, and hold it at a distance of five inches. Once the paint gets dried, you can add multiple layers and follow the decoration process.

Tip: Always choose a reliable manufacturer while looking for body paint for sale. It is easy to apply and remove quality latex makeup.

Clean the Sponges

As the latex paint quickly get dried and stiffened on the bristles, the bristles must be soaked into soapy water in-between the applications. You can also either run them under faucets or wash them using a soapy liquid solution.

  • Create a Design

Apply the Latex and Stretch your Muscles

After the application of the latex paint, stretch your muscles tightly. When latex gets dried, release your cheek muscles. You can do this to different parts of the muscles where the paint is to be applied, i.e., tighten the muscles, and release them. Wrinkle stipple can be used to create defined wrinkles.

Use spirit gum and tissues to create fake designs

The use of spirit gum helps tissues to be bound to the skin and will develop the same texture as scars or any other design. Brushing on the liquid latex makes it dry.

Use tissue paper with latex to create fake cuts or wounds

Place a flat-type tissue paper on the skin surface, and press it with your fingers. Once it has been arranged, apply tweezers to create small cuts. Now, squirt the liquid latex onto the skin & tissue paper.

Create multiple wounds for a zombie look

Combine the marks, scratches, wounds to create a zombie look. The cumulative effect of these marks, scratches, and wounds will create a look realistic and impressive.

  • Decorate Makeup

Use foundation to make the look seamless and detailed. It will be suitable for blending with skin. First, apply the foundation, then, dab the foundation on the latex and skin.

Use eyeshadows to create extra effects in the latex

Eyeliner is suitable to create bold lines and add fine carvings. As eyeshadows are available in different colors, sparkly and shimmery effects can be easily created. Thus, hues can be developed to add unique effects and colors.

Tip: Eyeshadow or eyeliner that are available in greens, grays, or blacks should be used to create a zombie look. While dark red, purple, crimson color can be used to create detailed wounds. You can blend these with black liquid latex.

Use greasepaint for the decoration

Greasepaint is used to expand the latex makeup. You can simply paint it on the design. Adding extra color or dimension can be used to create special effects.

Tip: Apply paint on wrinkles and bruises. For full-bodied appearance, apply the greasepaint all over the body.

Work on Finishing

Latex makeup and finishing spray are available to give the final touch to any look. If you have already applied the foundation, it will be particularly useful.

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