How to Build a Small Commercial Car Park?


Commercial car park offers a unique opportunity to maximise the appeal of your business property in Sydney.

The right balance of efficiency, cost, functionality backed by the right materials, aesthetics and good car park design help make even a small car park project successful.We spoke to Sydney’s leading car park construction specialists for the critical factors to consider when constructing a small commercial car park.


A car park serves a broader purpose than just providing sufficient parking space for employees, visitors and staff. It also seeks to provide:

Garbage and refuse access– It should allow easy access for garbage trucks and accommodate trash bins within the parking zone. However you must keep in mind that the trash bins should not be placed too close to the building entrance, yet location must be feasible for the staff, cleaners or housekeeping to have easy access to it on a daily basis and for trucks on a weekly basis.

Clean, safe and convenient for pedestrians – Commercial car park also serves pedestrians and with tight turns, steep ramps, wedged together spaces, a car park also needs to cater to the needs and safety of the pedestrians. It must include pedestrian access, raised footways from the car park to the building entry for better safety and convenience.


Commercial car parks must incorporate good design for layout, landscaping and lighting of parking.

Effective car park design is important to maximize the number of parked cars as also to make the most of vacant and unusable space so that there is adequate room for cars to navigate into and out of the car park.

The civil engineering company must check with the local council for necessary approvals as also factor in the materials, landscaping foundations to construct an aesthetically appealing commercial car park that ticks all the right checkboxes.


Car park must always be constructed with the design and construction materials for best results. Generally, construction materials include

Concrete –Concrete car park construction is durable and a well-detailed concrete car park performs well in a number of different exposure conditions. In-fact, concrete has inherent fire protection and can withstand the wear and tear from normal use. Further, it is reflective, aesthetically pleasing and helps maintain car park with little maintenance.

• Asphalt – An affordable alternative to concrete, Asphalt is easier to repair and construct. However, it is susceptible to cracks and potholes during rains and requires regular maintenance. The curing time however is faster for asphalt car parks as compared to concrete car parks.


Constructing small car parks require significant earthworks to ensure correct levels and safe movement of vehicles. However, earthworks carry a significant initial capital cost and therefore it is critical that your project be in capable hands of an experienced civil works engineering company.


The project cost and time are determined by a number of factors that you will likely encounter during construction of commercial car park. Even as the type of construction material determines the cost of the project, additional cost considerations include the designer fee, council fee, landscaping, ancillary items, earthworks, project management fees, kerbing, landscaping, line-marking, bike parking racks, lighting and more.


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