Advertising or Communication: What is More Effective in a Local Business?

Selling is the end of a complex process that passes the potential customer through a series of phases. First you have to know that you exist, then approach and meet you so that you like it and, finally, buy and return.

  • If you use advertising as a solution when sales do not go well, it is very likely to become a sink for money and effort.
  • For advertising to be truly effective and to become an investment, it has to be part of a much broader process.
  • It must be part of a Communication Plan, which in turn responds to the Marketing strategies that you have defined.


Marketing, often confused with advertising or sales, is actually a management process that begins long before the customer buys and ends much later.

Marketing is a way of managing your business that transforms the reality of your client, generating a differential value that meets your needs, while generating an economic benefit to the business.

Marketing is a management process; Communication, advertising or sales is only part of this process.

However, there are many small businesses that look for shortcuts, focusing only on sales, without understanding that in order to obtain and maintain them, both prior and subsequent work is necessary.

That is, before selling or advertising to sell, you must be very clear about what you are going to sell and to whom, at what price, where you are going to sell it, how are you going to do it, who do you count with and where in the market do you want to position yourself?

What you need is for me to listen to you, for your message to arouse your attention and interest. You will have to define who wants to buy your product or service, what their needs or desires are, what cost they are willing to assume to satisfy them, how they want to buy it, when, where … Offer you the best experience before, during and after the purchase.

To build this type of business; differentiated, novel, unique, it is marketing that helps you.


After having clear what your competitive advantages are, be it the product and its variety, the price, the place where you offer it, how you offer it or how you present it, etc. It is time to inform the consumer about the advantages you offer him. Having clear all the above you will not have to resort to hackneyed messages, the message you must communicate is written alone.

But … How are you going to communicate it, where, when, to whom…?

Communication offers you many more possibilities than advertising; why not take advantage of them?

Advertising is just one more tool among all the options we have to communicate with our public.

We will have to take advantage of the most appropriate for our business and for our public, because it is part of the customer’s experience. You can also take advice on this from any expert in business field likeĀ Cameron Chell co-founder and chief executive officer for Business Instincts Group. Cameron Chell Calgary is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience and helped launch several tech start-ups.

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