How Parents Can Make Potty Training Easy

How Parents Can Make Potty Training Easy

Potty training is a complicated task for many parents and something that needs to be handled with care since it’ll be one of the first times you’re teaching your child about basic hygiene and how to be independent. However, there will always be many setbacks during this process and many messes, too, which is why you may need some help to make this training as easy as possible, both for you and your child. 

1. Wait Till Your Child is Ready

If you’re unsure about how you can make potty training as easy as possible for your kid and yourself, the first step may be to wait until you’re sure your child is ready. Everyone gets ready for potty training at a different time, but you can tell when this is based on your child’s behaviors since milestones like learning to speak and walk are associated with maturity level. Humans have evolved a natural feeling of disgust to poor hygiene and waste which your child may be displaying if they’re uncomfortable with their dirty diapers. Once you begin to notice these changes in your toddler, you’ll know it’s time to start this long process, and your kid will be receptive to your efforts, too.

2. Invest in Equipment

Investing in the right equipment may come as a suggestion to some, but, in reality, it’s a necessity because when you’re training your child to use the bathroom, the last worry you should have on your mind is whether or not they’ll fall into the toilet, or if they’re comfortable enough with the process. Investing in equipment will help you deal with this since child-proof toilet seats are raised and safer for your toddler, and you’ll have more peace of mind while you’re training them. Other tools, like special clothes that come off fast and are removable enough for your child to use the bathroom easily, are great options too. 

3. Establish a Consistent Routine

Parents can make potty training easier by sticking to a routine which means having set times for bathroom breaks, so kids know when it’s time to use the potty. Having set times for using the potty, like after meals or before bed helps kids know when it’s time to go and makes them feel more comfortable. Additionally, use the same words and positive praise each time they use the potty to reinforce the learning. By keeping a consistent routine, offering encouragement, and maintaining a positive atmosphere, parents can make the potty training journey smoother for their little ones.

4. Get Professional Help

Hiring a potty training consultant may be the best option for you, especially if you’re a first-time parent and are unsure about what to do next. Some kids are difficult to work with and aren’t ready to understand what you’re trying to teach them, which can make things worse if you’re a busy person and have work while raising a child. An expert consultant will be able to use their expertise to help your child feel more confident and independent while using the bathroom through techniques like positive reinforcement and careful scheduling around meals to provide a great experience and fewer messes in your home. 

5. Be Patient and Stay Positive

When it comes to potty training, being patient and staying positive is important. Understand that accidents will happen—it’s part of the learning process therefore instead of getting frustrated, stay calm and positive and avoid using harsh words or punishments because they can make your child anxious and make learning harder. Kids respond better to encouragement and positivity and by staying supportive and reassuring during accidents, you create a safe and comfortable learning environment. Patience will help both you and your child handle the challenges of potty training with a positive attitude. 


Potty training should be a process you begin with care and preparation, and only after you’ve done the necessary research. But this is easier said than done for single working parents or incredibly busy people. If you want to make the process easier and more likely to succeed, there are many paths you could go down, but, above all, it’s important to focus your efforts on ensuring this training goes as smoothly as possible both for your comfort and for the comfort of your child.

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