Get Your Smart Energy Systems From One Supplier


Your electricity supplier in The United States of America as well as around the world can discuss energy monitoring systems with you and can offer you a range of ideas, including solar and battery inverters, data managers, load sharing, energy storage, solar modules, heat pumps and mounting systems, together with all the accessories and advice that go with them.

Electricity costs are high

When you chat to people about their budgets, everyone is trying to do the same thing. They are trying to bring down the costs of their electricity and their lights and water accounts. We all use far too much energy and apart from energy being a precious commodity, the costs have really gone through the roof. While the ideal option would be for everyone to go solar, this is not the easiest option for many people. And so they have to come up with different ways to store power or to share power, to cut down on high power costs, and their electricity or energy supplier is available to help them.

What about data managers and load sharers

This, apart from switching off your lights when you are not using them, and switching off geysers, is the easiest and most sensible thing to do, as a start to cutting down your energy costs. A data manager that gets assembled and fitted for you, will show you where you are using energy, when you are using it, how much it is costing, and when your peak times are. A load sharer will help you to share the loads of all the energy you can, to cut down on peak time, to bring your usage down, and to use any electricity that is stored but not used. These two little energy management systems, not expensive systems and not difficult systems, can be life-changing.

Shouldnt we just go solar?

You can go solar if you are able to live off the grid completely but going solar is not always the easiest option. Of course solar will cut your electricity bills down to ZERO, but unless you are living in an area with year-round sunshine, and unless you are the kind of person who can go off-grid, solar is not always the easiest option. You can certainly go partially solar with your energy management systems and we definitely advice this, and again, your energy supplier will be happy to help you. Perhaps you want a solar geyser, or solar panels for the swimming pool. A solar geyser on its own will cut down on your water heating bills, but remember, you will not always have hot water!

The best thing is to sit with your energy supplier, ask for your options, find the best ways that you can cut down on energy bills and ask them to put in the best systems that are best for you. You will find a few changes with your energy monitoring systems make all the difference in the world.

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