Chorale Singing Is A Beautiful Thing To Do


Chorale singing has become trendy and chorale in California is something that is sought after. People actually want to belong to choirs and do not have to be coerced by their parents or friends. Singing is a cool thing to do. And it’s not just cool. Singing is known to be restorative, peaceful, soothing and calming. And choral singing, in particular, is magnificent.

Singing and community

Being part of a choir means you are part of a community and community means more than it ever does, for all ages and all genders. The pandemic we have been through, and are still going through, highlighted the need for community. And to do part of a community is amazing and to sing with a community, even more amazing. Singing energizes and brings peace. Singing in a group brings a collective sense of energy and a collective sense of peace. Singing make everyone feel good, including those who are listening.

Where to find a choral choir

If you are in California then look for chorale near you. There are beautiful choirs that are either standalone choirs or part of an organization. You don’t generally need to apply, in fact most choirs will say: “Come and sing with us.” You may not make the world-class travelling choir immediately but that not be your goal! You may just want to sing and be part of something beautiful. Find a choir by using your community pages, checking notice boards in schools, colleges and churches, asking friends or neighbors or by looking online. 

What about attending choral concerts

There are also fantastic choral concerts in California. Again, use the internet or ask for word of mouth recommendations. You may need to sign up to receive a local chorale company newsletter or perhaps sign up to become a member of the local orchestra. They will send news of choral concerts, and all concerts actually, some of which you may need to book tickets for, others which may be free of charge. Attending a concert is always a beautiful thing to do and a highly recommended thing to do. Listening to music, even if in the comfort of your car or in your bedroom, brings a sense of mindfulness, clarity, relaxation and peace. Attending a concert by local musicians is superb. Once you have been to one choral or classical concert, you will want to go to more. 

How to learn about chorale music

You will learn by singing! Join a choir and sing. The more you sing, the better you become, the more you learn. You can be a new singer, a beginner singer, or a beautiful singer to join a choir. The only thing you need is a sense of wanting to sing, a sense of community and a sense of seeking joy. 

Look out for chorale in California, creative and inspiring and definitely communal.

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