Maintain Your Oral Health Throughout Your Golden Years


Visiting a dentist for oral health by a  mobile dentist in South California is critical for optimum health in the aged. Many older people cannot get to a dentist but if a dentist can come to them, one that is kind, compassionate, caring, and good at their job, well, that is the easiest way to maintain oral health as we age. And while the concept of a mobile dentist may be new for many people, it is not new in Southern California.

What exactly is mobile dental care?

Mobile dental care is pretty innovative and unique. It is where the dentist comes to the patient and not the other way round. Think of doctors doing home visits. This is the same, except it is for dental care and usually it is in a home for the elderly or in a special needs home. The dentist is mobile and has a mobile dental practice. The mobile dental practice gets parkedat the elderly home or similar, appointments are made, generally in advance, and the dentist gets to see one patient after another, in the easiest way for the patient, with no stress and no fuss!

What procedures can be undertaken by a mobile dentist

A variety of services are always available as a mobile dental practice is set out almost the same as an ordinary dental practice, with the chair, lights and all the equipment the dentist could need. The space is hygienic and sanitary. The procedures offered include, but are not limited to, routine cleanings, denture fittings and care, tooth extractions, tooth restorations, implants, root canal and similar surgical procedures, emergency care and general advice.

Caring for your oral health improves your overall health

When a persons mouth feels good, they feel better overall. When a person has toothache they are miserable and their entire state of health changes, both physical and mental. Having teeth or gums that are in poor condition can be debilitating. They can keep an elderly person in bed. Seeing a dentist on a regular basis, or more precisely a mobile dentist, means that there is no reason to live with any kind of dental pain. Regular appointments for the elderly, and this still means every six months unless there is an emergency or procedure needed, improves the overall health and quality of life for the person.

How to find a mobile dentist

If you have a parent in an old age or special needs facility, or you are the person in a care facility, or you are a worker in a care facility, look up the mobile dentist that is in your area. Ask them how it works. Book a day for the mobile dentist to come to your care facility. Get appointments made for the elderly people who need or want them. Ensure you use the mobile dentist South California who is experienced at working with the elderly, and who is kind, compassionate and gentle, and who understands what it takes to work with the elderly.

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