Get A 5 Ton Heat Pump Package Unit at Budget Air Supply

Summer is coming, with its glory of rays and humidity, and you need a haven from the heat. That need can equate to great expense of money and resource, as well as a steep investment in time and research to ensure that you saddle your quarters with equipment adequate for the job of tackling summer. Luckily, many of these inconveniences can be allayed by choosing to source your HVAC equipment from Budget Air Supply. Budget Air Supply has been the HVAC solution for homeowners and businesses alike for over a decade, born of the need for a reputable and knowledgeable supplier with quality goods, decent prices, and adherence to a code of good conduct and service. In a market so saturated by fly by night competitors, it’s no wonder whatsoever that Budget Air Supply has flourished, and their success is your benefit. Summer is coming, after all, and from Budget Air Supply you’ll find not one but several solutions to your need to beat the heat.

One economical option for you is to select a 5 Ton Heat Pump Package Unit. Goodman’s 5 ton 15.5 SEER “all in one” heat pump package unit in a horizontal configuration is one such solution to beat the heat that, as a heat pump, will continue to serve come winter. Its energy efficient compressor is guaranteed for ten years of service, and the fan motor is totally enclosed and lubricated for high performance and long life. The unit is enclosed within a galvanized steel cabinet, well capable of handling but the summer and the winter weather, and features a convenient access door to the blower compartment. As this 5 ton unit brings 57,500 BTUs of cooling power and 41,000 BTUs of heating power to the fray, all seasons will bow to its demands, and for you that means you won’t have to sweat the summer, or endure the winter either. Moreover, with Budget Air Supply’s price match and free shipping on this model, your wallet has no cause for lamentation either.

Another option in a 5 ton heat pump package unit is Goodman’s 5 ton variable speed 16 SEER heat pump system. This model brings an impressive 60,000 BTUs of capacity forward, both for heating and cooling, an immense capacity and a prodigious ability to handle up to 5 tons of air. Utilizing the ubiquitous and environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, with a 16 SEER, and with a variable speed motor, this unit is capable of adapting to the environment, hot or cold. Also with a galvanized, rugged cabinet that bucks the elements, this unit is equally capable of ensuring comfort even in the most adverse of summery or wintry conditions. As if it couldn’t get better, this unit also comes with Budget Air Supply’s price match and free shipping, adding another layer of icing to the cake.

Budget Air’s policies of price matching and free shipping are impressive and generous enough in their own rights, but it doesn’t end there. That’s because following Budget Air’s pursuit of reliability and service to their customers, Budget Air has managed to acquire warehousing capabilities, giving them a direct hand into their logistics. This means that on top of their free shipping offers, they offer shipping times so far below that market average that no one can compete. Budget Air has the market cornered on free shipping, outstripping more than ninety percent of the competition. Now’s a better time than their has been to invest in a new HVAC system in the form of a 5 ton heat pump package unit from Budget Air Supply. So head to today and do a little research. You’ll be glad you did come August.

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