5 Top Reasons for Hiring Professional Hot Water Heater Installer

Professional Hot Water Heater Installation in Sydney

When it comes to installing a brand new water heater, it’s recommended to call in a professionally certified hot-water heater installer. Today, it’s easy to find reputed and licensed 24-hour plumbers near you for water heater installations, repairs, service or replacements. The majority of water heaters are gas, so even the slightest of mistakes made during installation can not only cause additional expenses but also damage to the property, injury to family members or even death.

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Here are the five top reasons why you should hire a specialist water heater installer:

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1. The Right Product Knowledge is Imperative

Generally, when you meet sales personals face to face or over online shopping portals, bear in mind that they are not water heating professionals. Their only aim is to sell the product and they can’t match the product knowledge of a specialist plumber. Therefore, it’s recommended to consult an expert plumber to acquire the water heater that best fulfils your family’s needs.

2. Fire & Explosion Hazard

The majority of water heaters use natural gas that means you have to burn combustible fuel to heat your water. These fuels are highly flammable, so even a single mistake during the installation process can inflict a grave fire or even an outburst. Thus, avoid DIY installation and hiring novices for getting the job done, as it isn’t worth putting you and your family’s lives at great risk along with probable damage to the property. Always, hire experienced and licensed water heater installers for getting your gas, electric or solar water heater installed.

3. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

For gas burning water heaters, ventilation is essential. Carbon monoxide builds up in the absence of adequate airflow. People exposed to extreme levels of carbon monoxide are at greater risk of permanent brain damage and death. Therefore, carbon monoxide poisoning is treated as a medical emergency. Carbon monoxide is a fragrance-free gas, so if a leak is there, you wouldn’t be able to sense it provided you have an operational carbon monoxide detector. Thus, when it comes to installing products that use natural gas, evidently small mistakes can cause grave consequences.

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4. Peace of Mind

When you hire a certified plumber, you’re not just purchasing a job that’s performed accurately but also you’re providing yourself and your family complete peace of mind.
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5. Issues Faced When Selling Your House

Is the time arrived to sell your house? Well, if you have performed the DIY or uncertified installation for your hot-water heater then you’ll need to pay to get your water heater inspected and permitted. If inspection requirements aren’t fulfilled then water heater repairs or even a re-installation would be required and you would end up paying twice. Do you want to take this hassle and inconvenience while trying to sell a home? Certainly not! A certified plumbing professional will make sure that your water heater is permitted and up to code on installation. Therefore, it’s prudent to select an established company that backs their work with proper warranties or guarantees. If at all a problem surfaces while the unit is still under warranty period, your professional can get it resolved.

Final Words

Isn’t it a big relief to know that you won’t be faced with injuries or property damage or loss of life, or remain trouble-free when you want to sell your home? Well, it isn’t worth to risk your family’s safety and comfort just to save some money! Therefore, always call a specialist for your hot-water heater installation in Sydney and provide yourself with total peace of mind.

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