Main Requirements for Essay Writing in Ireland

essay writing in Ireland

During your schooling years, you are going to write a lot of essays. You may start to feel like a professional writer at some point. This is usually done while still attending regular classes and completing homework. You also have to come up with winning topic ideas. With essay writing in Ireland, the rules stay fairly similar to those from other countries. The main goal here is to have good writing skills and be convincing. There are some main requirements needed to write a winning essay and we are going to discuss those in this article.


You do not want to start an essay without creating an outline. This is going to keep you on track and help you stay focused when you feel less so. It is one of the best steps you can take to write an essay that has a flow to it. We can often jump between various topics without it really integrating into one another. This then becomes either a confusing essay or just looks a little messy. The outline is there to keep the balance and to help you write an essay that is easily understood by the reader. It also helps that you don’t forget any important details that you would like to include.


The topic you choose can make or break your essay. You want to give it as much attention as you do writing the essay. With Irish essays, you could always base it on something local, but do not be afraid to broaden your thinking here. There are some issues in the world that ties us all together. Select a topic that you are passionate about. This will make it easier to keep momentum when writing your essay. We sometimes lose this momentum when the topic does not interest us.

Strong introduction

If you are trying to get the reader engaged, you have to do it right from the start. This is the only way for you to not bore them with senseless details when they start reading. Keep it interesting, but don’t give too much away at first. It needs to be just enough to spark their interest. Your thesis statement should be strong and then you start your first paragraph just as powerfully. The reader will probably have to go through a ton of essays and you want yours to stand out, right from the get-go. We often leave the best information for the middle of our essays, but you should reconsider this strategy.

Stick to facts

There is a place in writing for wishful thinking, but this should be left for your more creative moments. Your essays should be based on facts that you can prove if needed. This will show that you have done sufficient research and everything in your writing is true and factual. Many writers already understand the fundamental point of being able to back up the finding in their writing. The same rule applies to students and should be taken into account, even after you are done with your studies. It is a great life rule to have as well.

End on a high

The start of your essay is strong, now you have to do the same with your conclusion. You want to make sure that you have covered everything in your essay writing, but it is always good to leave the reader with something to think about. You are in control of this essay and you can send it wherever you see fit. Just make sure that the reader thinks about your essay long after they have read it. You want to be memorable if you are attempting to write a winning essay. Only a few students actually get this right, but it is not an impossible task. When you do your outline, think about how you want to conclude this essay and note it down before you start writing.

Always proofread

Even the best writers understand the importance of proofreading their work. You cannot hand in your first draft, even if you are a good writer. There are so many little mistakes we make when we are excited or even when we are stressed. A quick proofreading session can correct many of these mistakes. You may also want to consider asking a friend to do this part for you. We are proud of our own writing, especially if a lot of hard work went into it. You may not see the mistakes when you glance over it. Getting an outside party to do this, gives you a better chance of correcting the mistakes. There are even professional editors if you want to take this a step further. It all depends on how important this essay and the results are to you.

Does essay writing in Ireland differ from the rest of the world?

It is safe to say that writing rules remain, no matter what language you write in or where you are located. There is never an excuse for bad grammar or poor writing in general. We have so many tools available to us. You have grammar checkers, spell checkers and even paraphrasing tools available. IF you are strung for cash, you can find some free options as well. Make sure you give it your best and you will achieve the final mark you are hoping for.

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