Top 5 Tips for Protecting Natural Stone in the Home- It’s Simple


Natural stone surely adds to the beauty of a home. Taken from the earth, natural stone carries a bit of freshness with it. Natural stone pavers easy to clean and maintain. You won’t need any advanced tools for cleaning up the surface. The only thing that you would need to keep the flooring perfect is ‘carefulness’. One has to be very much careful while handling the natural stone. Let it be the floor, wall, walkways or even the kitchen countertop you would have to clean and maintain it with extreme care.

If not done so, the stone is sure to get damaged. Sometimes a scratch can ruin the smooth texture of natural stone. You should also be careful while choosing cleaning objects. It shouldn’t be too sharp or else it will completely ruin the flooring. Find out the top five tips for protecting the natural stone. It is certain to last long, but only if you give it the proper treatment. Discover how you can treat the flooring in a way it loves.

Clean. But How? Let’s Find Out!

We all clean our house. We invest more time in cleaning the flooring and countertops. But if we don’t know the right way to clean up the natural stone, we may end up doing more harm to it. if you feel like the glossiness or charisma of the natural stone are fading away with each day, then it may not be the stone, it could be you. The care and thinking should start right from purchasing the cleaning commodities. Vacuum machine may make the job easier, but if it’s metal objects hit the floor or scratch the surface, then what is the use of it? The things and matters you ignore as small can do great harm to your floor. If you want your flooring tile to be more durable, then treasure these five points in your mind.

● Regular cleaning

Natural stone may absorb dust and other pollutants. Especially the tiles paved in walkways and garden. Thereby, regular cleaning is a must. Create a schedule to clean each part and stick to it. If you leave the natural stone papers unattended, then gradually it will succumb its glow to the dust. It is better to put a rug or a mat in those areas of the house, where you fear greater amounts of dust deposition. Keep the windows and doors closed during most of the time to keep the dust particles away. Wash and clean the feet before entering the house. This will also lower the amount of dust entering the house. If the kitchen countertop is of natural stone, then it is mandatory to clean it after each session of cooking and serving. Keep a cloth or brush by the countertop and clean it instantly if any spill happens. Never let it stay there for a long time unless you want to see the stain forever.

● Use fluffy mops or clothes

Never use hard clothes or mops to clean the surface. Use delicate materials only. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, then it becomes your responsibility to watch out for scratches on the tile. Chances are high that one part or the other of it will scratch the surface and leave a mark on it. Thus, it is better to avoid it for good. If you are using brushes to clean the surface, then make sure it has the softest bristles. The ones with hard bristles should be avoided at any cost. Never use hot water or hard water to clean the surface. Warm and cold water are the best options to clean natural stone. As for countertops, it is always best to leave a dry cloth by its side. It will always come handy.

● Avoid acid solutions

It is better to clean the natural stone pavers with water alone. Using acidic solutions should be strictly avoided. The acidic elements in the solutions can react with the stone, making changes in its texture and colour. The stone will start to change and it won’t be a good sight. For example, if you use an acidic solution on dark stone, it may react with the acidic elements and may develop white patches here and there. Never wipe the naturals tone with vinegar or lemon juice. It will easily react with the calcium elements in the natural stone and will do severe harm to its texture. Use only plain water to clean up the surface.

● Avoid contact of hot plates and vessels

This is precisely for countertops. In the hassle of cooking, it is normal to place hot vessels and plates directly on the countertops. That is never a good habit. Direct contact with heat can injure the surface of the stone. Always use mats or clothes between the stone and the vessel. Promote the using of coasters in the house. Try to use it while serving food items that have acidic content. If it spills on the countertop, it will easily impair the surface. Don’t let kids walk around with food. They may drop it on the floor and you would never know. Keep them by the table and clean it up instantly.

● If you see any damage, then get to the action quickly

Suppose, you happened to see a very tiny crack on the stone or a stain on the surface. You should immediately call the natural stone supplier and inform him about it. don’t wait for the crack to get bigger. If there is any wear or tear on the surface, then it a que to get to the action. Treating the problem at the earliest is true in the case of natural stone as well.


The durability of the natural stone is partially your responsibility. It depends on how you treat it. You can’t expect it to shine all the way after letting all the dust remain on its surface. Once you buy the stone ask the natural stone supplier about how to treat and maintain it properly.

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