Do Boys Listen to Their Mums?


As a mom with boys that are quickly approaching the area of student permits, driving classes, saving for initial automobiles and shooting to the street, I look for the future with mixed feelings. There’ll be pride in their growing independence, also there’ll be the extra bonus of getting an additional driver to take over a few of the sports practise and celebration falls off to their younger brothers. However, of course there’ll be much trepidation too. Their lack of expertise, the joys of phones and friends, the seeming invincibility of their developing teenage brain along with the peer pressure of locating themselves in new circumstances, all culminates into a degree of stress I might not be prepared for.

As somebody that has been directly influenced by the devastation and frustration of losing somebody to road injury, it should always remain one of my worst fears. Losing my cousin in 19 decades old, being together with her parents that dreadful night and alive together with the tragic reality throughout the previous 15 decades, has left me much too conscious of the continuing grief and anguish that accompanies such a catastrophe.

And as somebody who currently works closely together with the consequences of technology and apparatus on our children and families, the usage of the cell phone adds yet another element of stress. Since it isn’t only speed that kills. It’s the diversion and lack of concentration which may have equally devastating consequences whatever the speed. We know that taking our eyes off the road for a split second could be deadly. It’s projected that using a telephone whilst driving increases your risk of a crash four-fold. It’s not tough to envision how the physical, cognitive and visual diversion of a device will play a significant role in this hazard. In addition, we understand that automobile crashes are the leading cause of death for young people aged 10-24 decades and that adolescent boys are over-represented from the amounts of road injury. For a generation of kids who’ve known using a device in their hands, for boys that frequently like to push boundaries and enjoy their newfound freedom, we want them to comprehend the significance of providing the street their entire attention.

How can we do so? Do not children always understand better? And are not their adults that are doing a less than stellar job of the? As soon as we harp about driving, not utilizing apparatus, focusing constantly, not getting the music too loud…….will they’re listening does everything merge into a constant nag?

For some yes, I’m sure it will. And I really do think that job modeling great driving habits helps you to go a long way. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find this movie from the Department of Transport & Main Roads.

To attempt to fight the overrepresentation of young guys in the street accident numbers, the Queensland Govt went into the origin and talked to young guys under 30 about who they listen to the messages that they received.

What they discovered was that mother was the individual many of them obtained their support and encouragement from. It was the mother who they did not wish to disappoint with poor decisions.

As a mommy to five sons that this is heartening to know that the messages could get through. And there are lots of messages that we want our sons to listen to.

Perhaps this Mothers Day that the best gift we could ask from our children is to take that excess bit of attention whenever they get behind a wheel. Listen to your mommy. Put down the telephones, listen and come home safe. If you are looking for parenting guide and tips visit

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