8 Top Ways In Which Magnesium Actually Rescues Your Hormones


Magnesium, including magnesium flakes, is helpful for virtually all hormonal conditions, including thyroid, PMS, perimenopause, PCOS, hair loss, and migraines. Several experts love it as it instantly makes most patients feel much better.

So, what’s up with it and why are most individuals deficient in it? People are deficient as cells dump it during stress. It gets actively pushed out of the human body as a means of coping with everyday life and revving up the nervous system. Every average human needs a revved-up nervous system to get over an average modern day. If you commute, worry, work, and drink coffee, then you are likely deficient. If you live on a mountain or a monk’s meditative life, then you might be okay. Here are 8 ways in which magnesium rescues your hormones.

  1. Regulates cortisol: The amazing mineral calms the nervous system and prevents too much cortisol. Your hormonal system for stress – also known as HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) – is your body’s central hormonal system. When it’s functioning correctly, then the other (reproductive and thyroid) hormones will also work well.
  2. Normalizes insulin and decreases blood sugar: It’s so active at enhancing insulin sensitivity that some call it the ‘natural metformin’. Healthy insulin sensitivity translates into much fewer sugar cravings and an effective PCOS and weight loss treatment.
  3. Supports thyroid: Magnesium is quite crucial for thyroid hormones production. All types of the amazing mineral, including those offered by suppliers of magnesium flakes in Australia, are truly anti-inflammatory, which helps in quieting the autoimmune inflammation that normally underlies the majority of thyroid cases. Other means of addressing thyroid autoimmunity are selenium supplementation and gluten elimination.
  4. Helps sleep: It’s among the greatest sleep promoters, and sleep is quite essential for the production of hormones. Sleep is when you should actually enjoy an advantageous spike of anabolic hormones like the growth hormone and DHEA.
  5. Fuels cellular energy: It’s so complexly involved with the production of energy and mitochondria that, it could safely be claimed that there will be no energy at all without magnesium. Hormonal tissue features a truly high metabolic rate, and thus needs even more of cellular energy and thus more magnesium than the other tissues.
  6. Produces hormones: It helps in the production process of steroid hormones which include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. This could be why it has been verified to decrease hot flashes by as much as half.
  7. Activates vitamin D: Without sufficient magnesium, vitamin D cannot function. Conversely, when the supplementation of vitamin D is too much, it brings about a deficiency of magnesium.
  8. Slows the aging process: The amazing mineral decreases oxidative stress, prevents the shortening of the telomere, and greatly boosts the manufacture of glutathione.

There isn’t any effective means of measuring a deficiency in the valuable mineral as most of it is contained inside body cells. To attain a sufficient level and enjoy all these ways in which it rescues your hormones that have been listed, you must supplement with options like magnesium flakes and then see how it actually feels. The amazing mineral is quite crucial to attaining the best possible health status you can.

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