What Commandments require to follow for Successful Mobile App Development

For any business, the mobile application development can be a painful, time consuming but highly thrilling experience. But if the efforts, resources, time and planning so all the pains and hurdles can convert into the delightful experience from the app development to its marketing stage.

There are plenty examples of App Development Success Stories such as Uber, Instagram, Slack etc and building millions of dollars business. But thing is that what makes an app more successful?

Estimating the future demand of App

“Why and how to willing anyone to download my app?” There are over 5 million apps on Google play store and Apple app store already. Does my app offer anything unique and innovative? Does it able to solve a problem that millions of people around the world face? Analyzing the value proposition helps to drive better business decisions.

Key metrics to consider before to start the framework

Target Audience: You are investing to approach your target audience. But, if you will not have a clear picture of your target audience in mind so whether we will be able to develop a successful app project? Absolutely not. In this step, you have to involve your marketing research department. Actually, the marketing research department will explore the picture what your end user or targeted consumers actually thinks, wants and requirements.

Platforms: It is the part of strategic planning to launch the application for one of the few OS platforms then factors like coverage, device support, performance etc. must be measured.

Revenue Model: Besides the technical development, the developers require to think about different models. Advertisements, in-app purchases, subscription etc. to ensure consistent growth in the revenue in terms of ROI (Return on Investment)

Offline Friendliness:

The offline friendliness is a new emerging trend in mobile app development market for both companies and developers. Through this advance feature, your app will continue its work without internet connection. It’s one big thing that makes applications more competitive nowadays.

Keep limited the use of App and Banners:

During app development, please avoid to overuse of ads and banners. Because it always remains a common practice that user can delete it anytime once finds it is bothering his browsing experience.

Always Think About the Customized Design:

At that time, there are two leading mobile operating systems in all over the World i.e. Android and iOS, as well as the users, can have access in different ways. Ensure that your application has the capability to run with each operating system and according to their terms and conditions.

ASO & SEO friendly:

Many and many apps are launching and already exist at your niche. In such a challenging environment, your app can get success and achieve a milestone as it will be noticed and downloaded by the targeted customers. Thus, at the time of app development, you should follow the rules of search engine optimization (SEO) and ASO (Application Optimization) to increase maximum visibility for your newer mobile applications.

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