What are the Benefits of Adjustable Clutch Levers for Motorcycles?

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Adjustable clutch levers for motorcycles are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colors. More and more bikers and motorcyclists are nowadays opting for adjustable clutch levers, because of the many benefits that they offer. Apart from this, adjustable brake levers are also available.

The Importance of High-Quality Brake and Clutch Levers

High-quality levers are essential for great biking experience. And while stock levers may do the job, you cannot have the highest level of comfort and control without some adjustable brake and clutch levers for motorcycles. This is because there can be a lot of variation in the size of a human hand. Hands can either be really large or quite small. Hence, motorcycle levers which cannot be adjusted can be challenging to use for many bikers.

And while adding a set of adjustable clutch levers for motorcycles might be slightly more expensive than making do with the original stock levers, this investment will prove well worth it in the long run. A set of aftermarket adjustable motorcycle levers can be quite affordable and of excellent quality, if you do your research and purchase the product from a trusted and reputable brand.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal with Aftermarket Levers

Nowadays, aftermarket adjustable brake and clutch levers have become something of a fashion accessory for dirt-bike enthusiasts. And while the basic ones can be quite affordable, some of the highest-range products may put a dent in your wallet, especially if you don’t do your research and compare the prices being offered by some of the best-known brands.

Apart from offering improved functionality and comfort levels, adjustable brake and clutch levers for motorcycles also add to the beauty of the vehicle. They come in a variety of colors and designs and can help change or modify the appearance of your bike upon installation. So, whatever your aesthetic sensibilities might be, you will find a set of adjustable motorcycle levers that are right up your alley!

Usually, stock levers are monotone and all of the same size. Most stock levers are made to be either black or dark gray in color. So, if you want your bike or motorcycle to be a few notches higher on the coolness scale than your friends’ vehicles, getting a set of vibrant and well-designed adjustable levers should easily do the job.

The Benefits of Adjustable Sizes

Adjustable levers are particularly beneficial for riders whose hands are either a little smaller or larger than average. Because stock levers are designed keeping in mind the average-sized human hand, people with bone structure that deviates even a little from the average can face problems when using them. They should instead go for adjustable brake and clutch levers for motorcycles which are the ideal fit for their hands.

When buying aftermarket brake and clutch levers for motorcycles, however, you must make sure that the product has been made from the highest quality materials. This will ensure maximum durability and less need for regular repairs and replacements.

Materials Used for Manufacturing Adjustable Levers

For instance, you can purchase a set of CNC machined adjustable levers made from stainless steel and billet aluminum, featuring cadmium plated springs. The top-notch modern motorcycles have hydraulic adjustable levers, which means you no longer need to worry about brake and clutch cables.

As most dirt-bike enthusiasts know, the clutch engagement point adjusting screw is typically permanently sealed on most stock levers, which is why the need for adjustable lever becomes more acute.

If this is the case with your motorbike, you can easily purchase a set of adjustable levers that has a set screw for the purpose of adjusting the clutch engagement on the vehicle. Such adjustable levers are also easy to remove, as you can make them slide right out of the receiver by removing the brass pin affixed to the lever joint.

Some Additional Benefits

If your hands are bigger than usual, you can install a set of adjustable brake and clutch levers for motorcycles to ensure that you have the biting point of both the levers just at the right angle or place. Making a few adjustments to the controls of your motorcycle may be scary at first, but they can make all the difference.

A span-adjustable lever can also be very beneficial for those who like to use the clutch or brake with just one or two fingers. This is true even if your hands are no bigger or smaller than average. Such adjustable levers are also a must if wrist comfort is a priority for you, as stock levers do tend to put a lot of strain on the wrists of the biker. Such strain could cause long-term damage if you are a frequent biker.

Hence, if you’re facing any of the above-mentioned problems with the levers on your bike, you should definitely consider purchasing a set of high-quality brake and clutch levers for your motorcycle.

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