Bench Press Or Dumbbell Press

There are certain pros and cons associated with both the exercises. Therefore, it is very difficult to say which one is better between bench press and dumbbell press. Some people prefer to go for bench press while others love to do dumbbells press. But, in general, experts believe that it is better to perform both these exercises instead of picking just one of them.

The Difference Between Bench Press Or Dumbbell Press

The Option To Increase Weight Load

As compared to dumbbells press, bench press creates a greater systematic load, which means you always have an easy option to increase the weight depending upon your requirements.

This way, you can put more muscles at work variancetv, which can be very beneficial from the fitness point of view, as you burn more calories and even the natural production of testosterone increases significantly.

All these things help more in muscle building. On the other hand, in order to increase weight on dumbbells, you will have to use bigger dumbbells. You may get an awkward feeling when you hold a very big dumbbell. It is not a very comfortable thing to do.


A major drawback with bench press is that it always requires a spotter else accidents might happen when you are performing heavy lifting. On the other hand, dumbbell press is obviously much safer because it does not require a spotter.

If you are having difficulty in holding heavy dumbbells, you can drop them very easily without getting injured. But, if you are performing bench press without a spotter and you are unable to hold the bar at some point, it might fall right on your chest, which can be very dangerous. Therefore, from a safety point of view, dumbbell press is much better.

Load On Shoulder

Dumbbell press exercises are gentler on shoulder as compared to bench press exercises. In case of the bench press, it becomes very difficult for you to adopt a more comfortable movement pattern as per your choice because both your hands are busy holding the bar in a fixed position. On the other hand, you can practice dumbbell press in a much more comfortable way without putting much load on your shoulders, as it allows you to change positions side to side easily.

Range Of Motion

Bench press allows you to practice only up and down motion and the maximum you can go down is only to the chest. Dumbbell press, on the other hand, offers a wider range of motion.

For example, while you are holding a dumbbell in one hand, you can work on more muscles by raising the bell in different ways. Besides that, with dumbbell press, you can go much lower, which means better muscle contraction.

The biggest problem with dumbbell press though is that it does not provide you much option to add more weight when required. After practising a lot with lower weights, when you feel stronger, you will obviously like to try heavier weights. For this, you may have to try larger dumbbells, which can be very awkward. Maxing out on dumbbells is almost impossible, but you will never face this problem with bench press.

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