What are the Advantages of Aluminium Car body?

The automotive sector is growing steadily. Leading automakers are always looking for new materials and technologies. The amount of aluminum used on average inside a vehicle is constantly increasing and this trend tends to grow more and more. What is the main purpose of aluminum in the automotive sector?

  1. In functional groups (engine head, intake manifolds, gearbox, etc.)
  2. On the chassis (rims, steering box, side protection bars, etc.)
  3. In the cooling system (radiator, water pump and couplings for sleeves)

Why use aluminum in the automotive sector?

The automotive sector began to consider aluminum in the first half of the 20th century. With the consolidation of production techniques, the use of aluminum has spread, creating new spaces and opportunities.

Currently, the average SAF Aluminum content per car is expected to reach 150 kg, compared with 40/60 a few decades ago. These figures are to be taken with the tweezers, but they are representative of how this sector is gradually changing. Why has aluminum for the automobile been so successful?

  1. Aluminum is at first very light and proportionally reduces the weight of the vehicle. This increases performance in terms of speed and fuel consumption.
  2. Its mechanical and physical characteristics allow it to guarantee a longer life of the internal components, thus avoiding the risk of premature wear.
  3. Aluminum is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, according to the most recent industrial criteria. It also saves money with the ability to reuse the same material multiple times.
  4. Aluminum is much cheaper than many other metals used in the automotive industry. Its use is encouraged compared to more expensive materials, which tend to disappear more and more.
  5. The coated aluminum sheet can be used in a whole vehicle weighing more than 500 kg, reducing the weight of the vehicle by around 40%.
  6. Improve the body’s resistance, increase the resistance of the theory of security. The pvdf coating on the alusion will be slightly lower than the steel sheet, but low density, so that the aluminum alloy has an additional advantage and the weight ratio of only 1: 0.5, that is, the best aluminum paint has only half the weight needed to achieve the same strength. General aluminum sheet metal body than low carbon ordinary steel thickness of 0.2-0.5 mm, the increasing thickness can reach more than steel body steel High strength and torsional performance.
  7. Improve maneuverability, this is directly related to the previous two points, the lightness can reduce the body’s inertia, increase the thrust weight ratio, the same dynamic level of dynamic performance can be greatly improved. And increase the body’s steel and torsion resistance, the equivalent of the body to increase the effect of the improved lever, can give the suspension adjustment to allow more space, improve the bodywork limit. Also, all-aluminum body models are generally part of the chassis suspension. For example, very few aluminum arm models are used in steel, and the aluminum suspension can reduce the quality of the spring. control of improvement has some help.
  8. The super corrosion-resistant aluminum itself is not stable, it is easy to oxidize supplied by the suppliers of painted aluminum coils.

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