Stainless Steel Components in Construction

The construction industry has always been characterised by the high use of stainless steel components in various forms, in a vast number of applications. The high strength and durability offered by the building material makes it a suitable choice for most construction applications.

Stainless steel suppliers in South Africa help the construction industry by offering a vast selection of stainless steel products and components across different grades of stainless steel. The wide variety of finishing options and quick supply further make the application of stainless steel hassle free. (Information source:

Let us look at some of the components that stainless steel suppliers in South Africa offer:

1. Sheets and Plates – Stainless steel sheets and plates are very versatile as they can be fabricated as per specific requirements. Offering high flexibility of use in the construction industry, these are used not only in the structure being constructed but in most of the construction equipment as well. Plates and sheets are found in the frame or in the mechanism of most construction equipment.

2. Pipes and Tubes – Stainless steel pipes are used in almost all areas of construction, right from supporting the structure and to use as aesthetically pleasing components. The primary application of the pipes is to support the weight of the building when the establishment is too heavy. Another major application is found in plumbing and sewage. As they are aesthetically pleasing, pipes and tubes are also used in making bollards and railings for structures.

3. Beams – Stainless steel beams serve as the support structures for buildings along with steel beams. They are commonly used in the main framework of the structure and supportive trusses. The use of these components guarantees the integrity of the entire structure and offer support and strength. Since they can handle stress and loads without buckling, they are the preferred choice for applications requiring unidirectional bending.

4. Bars – Stainless steel bars are widely used as reinforcement as concrete exhibits poor tolerance to tension. The use of stainless steel bars as reinforcement can be found in highway pavements, segmented bridges and even high-rise buildings. They have further found application as secondary reinforcements, helping in sharing the load and providing durability to the structure. Owing to their flexible nature, they are even used in certain blocks and bricks, adding to their tensile, load-carrying strength.

Apart from these components, there are many other stainless steel components that have found applications in the construction industry. These include strips, wires, open sections, fittings, girders, wire rods etc.

Construction isn’t the only industry where stainless steel components are found. Industries like shipbuilding, mining and quarrying are also characterised by a high use of stainless steel plates. Stainless steel pipes are greatly used in factories and energy centres. With the numerous beneficial properties offered by stainless steel across its various grades, there are endless possible applications of the versatile building material.

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