Top Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2022

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Every web design agency Sydney should stay on top of the industry trends. Some trends are just hype and have no significant impact but others are having a lot of effects on the functionality and effectiveness of your website. If you do not update your website regularly, you could end up losing rankings in search engines and your audience will get tired of your old website appearance. Here are some web design trends to watch out for.

Clean designs

Web design trends are pushing busy concepts such as maximalism to the side. When compared to the demand for more last year, we will emphasise minimalistic features and websites that have a delicate visual weight. Sleekness is very important and we are cleaning up things on websites this year. Websites will still have sophisticated features and effects but they will be more refined and less crowded. This trend aims for a smooth browsing experience.

By now, we are familiar with a black and white type of minimalism but we will see that less is more notion also includes colour. When you take out noisy layers and put thought into bold website designs, you will be left with a website that hones in on the importance of content.

Symmetrical layouts

A good website should have a harmonious composition. Balance can be achieved in two main ways: using asymmetric or symmetric website layouts. Whilst asymmetrical designs came up from last year’s obsession with organised clutter, this year’s website design layouts embrace the simplicity theme.

In 2022 web designs trends will inspire symmetrical balance. From grid layouts to split pages to balancing designs with text and imagery, symmetrical website layouts give you the freedom to draw attention to certain places on your website. This is one of the reasons why this is a trend in 2022. For example, if a page is divided into two content blocks where half is text and half is visual, it is a clean way to split the focus and tell the whole story.

In relation to this web design trend, web designers will turn to delicate elements to divide the content on their website. We will see thin lines that divide screens, menus and sections. This is a way to make the order and helps to achieve a clean design.

Lightweight topography

Serif fonts are getting more popular as they offer a juxtaposition to modern vibes. In the typography framework, serif typefaces include a tip at the edge of the shape of the letter such as Garamond, Times New Roman and Georgia.

As we see more brands taking advantage of elegance in these fonts, there is a tangible aspect to serif typefaces that will remind you of print. This brings a classic tone into the design trends of this year.

Primary colours

Both primary colours and nature are vogue again and your web design agency Sydney should know how to utilise this trend. Earth inspired web colour schemes are bringing a subtle tone to web design trends this year. These colours are influenced by an emphasis on sustainability.

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