Top 4 features your VPS server should have

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What is a VPS server? 

A Virtual Private Server is a type of hosting that can virtually mimic the features of a dedicated server within a shared server.  It is popular among users as it is affordable as compared to other options and has better security.  One can rely on the VPS servers for the scalability of their website or online business.  Are you a game developer, programme maker, or SaaS provider?  If yes, then the VPS server can be the option for you.  One should invest in the best VPS servers in India for excellent results.

Top 4 Features your VPS server should have 

Are you trying to find the best VPS server in India?  Before choosing the server, one should look for some of the specific features to get the desired results.  The main features that one cannot miss in the VPS servers are given below. 

  • Say yes to SSL certificates:

An SSL certificate is an ultimate tool that one should always choose for their website.  It encrypts the connection between different servers and browsers.  It can also protect the communication channel between your website and the number of visitors using it. 

  • Frequency of backups

Backups are a lifesaver for any website or online business.  While investing in a hosting package, one should try to find a plan that can offer them backups with high frequency.  With the increased number of users on the internet, there is a chance that the website may undergo some negative impacts, so in this case, a proper backup plan is required.  Before choosing a WordPress hosting plan, one should always ask questions related to the frequency of backups or the methods professionals will use to retain the data of the website. 

  • High uptime 

Uptime is defined as the time during which the computer system is operational.  So high uptime is an essential factor that can attract a number of users to your website.  Before choosing a hosting plan, one should enquire properly about the uptime and aspects related to it. 

  • Malware protection 

A human body can get affected by various organisms leading to infections in the same way your computer can also get infected by malicious software.  The malware attacks can lead to total data loss in certain specific cases.  So before choosing a VPS server, get information about the malware protection strategy beforehand.  A good antivirus program can help your system in keeping healthy. 

  • Proper Database Management

If you are choosing a VPS server plan, try to hire proper database management services.  Through database management, one can easily organize, edit and manage several aspects of the business easily. 


VPS hosting is a one-stop solution that one should use for the scalability of the website.  If you are planning to start your website, then try to invest in the best VPS server in India.  There are many cheap WordPress hosting in India available on the internet that you can also give a try if you want to save funds for other aspects of your business.

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