5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Home Office

5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Home Office

In the post-pandemic era, work from home is the new normal. Today many offices have adopted a work from home or hybrid module and hence home offices are hitting the mainstream. Whether you have an open home office which is connected to your living room or  a separate home office, decorating it the right way is important as it will significantly affect your mood and productivity. 

Are you self-employed or work 9-5 from your home and are looking for ideas to transform your home office into a space that is conducive to your workflow and creative process? Wallpapers are perfect to decorate your office walls and make them look chic on a budget. Read along to find out how you can pick the perfect wallpaper for your home office.

Pay attention to your work type 

Does your work demand creativity or do you have a more traditional work? You can go for bold hues and patterns for your wallpaper if your work demands you unleash your imagination and creativity. Similarly, you can go for a minimalistic wallpaper in a subtle hue if you want to opt for a more ‘cubicle’ kind of environment. If your home office is mainly used by your kids, then you must opt for vibrant patterns and colours that will uplift your kids’ moods. You must also choose a washable and highly durable wallpaper for home offices used by kids. 

Personalise your home office 

Your workspace should not just be functional, but it should reflect your personality and should include things that inspire you. Pay attention to which patterns, textures and hues spark joy in you and try to incorporate them into your workspace. 

Choose the right hue 

The last thing you want is your home office to look dull and monotonous. So, make sure that there are pops of colours in your home office. Colours are said to have a psychological effect on you and hence you must choose your home office wallpaper colours carefully. While green is easy on the eyes and perfect if you work for long hours, blue has a calming effect and helps to reduce stress. Similarly, yellow is a great colour if you want your home office to radiate optimism and red is perfect for a high-energy work environment. 

Pick a pattern

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a pattern for your home office wallpaper. Browse through the plethora of Nilaya wallpapers on the Asian Paints website and pick your favourite. Some trendy wallpaper styles that you can check out are forest-themed, tropical, industrial, faux concrete, abstract and geometrical patterns.

Keep in the mind your home aesthetic 

Decide whether you want your home office to match the overall aesthetics of your home or want it to be different. An interior design for home tip is to pick accent colours and textures from your home interior and choose a wallpaper that goes with it. 

Remember that wallpaper is a subjective choice and hence there are no hard and fast rules on how to pick the right wallpaper for your home office. While bold patterns might distract you, they might help someone think better. So, understand what kind of mood you want your home office to have and accordingly choose a wallpaper that will help you transform your home office into a space that you look forward to working in. 

Check out the modern and stylish Nilaya wallpapers from Asian Paints as no matter what your home office vibe is, there is a wallpaper in their collection that is perfect for you. Head over to the Asian Paints website to get interior design for home tips for your new home. 

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