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Recruiters always in need of making their work more automated. To reduce the time of hiring,
recruiters need to use different tools and software at one time. Let’s see the top 3 Tools that can
improve the productivity of recruiters’ work and give them potential results.

1. Recruiting Software

Recruiting Software is the best tool to manage the whole recruiting process in one
place. A Recruiting Software provides you with so many features and functionalities that
can make your work easier and quicker on a daily basis.

Let’s see some of the features that recruiters must have in their recruiting software:

● Sourcing
● Resume Parsing
● Social Recruiting
● Self Service Portal for Client & Candidates
● Interview Management
● Calendar
● Automated Two-way Email Sync
● Reminders & Alerts
● Automated Screening & Profile Matching
So these were some of the features that can make your recruiting process easy. These
advanced features provide you with the flexibility of making your recruiting process more

Example: iSmartRecruit

Top 3 Tools for Recruiters to Improve
Top 3 Tools for Recruiters to Improve

2. Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management is an essential part of any recruiters’ daily work. As recruiters
used to post jobs on social media. Social media is the best platform to grab the active
candidates as well as passive candidates. You can post your jobs through social media
management tools automatically.

Basically, these tools provide you with the facility to manage the social media campaign
that runs automatically. Besides, they also provide you with a kind of analytics like from
which campaign you are getting more relevant candidates. They also suggest some kind
of reports and suggestions that can improve your organizational productivity.

Example: Hootsuite , Buffer

3. Time Management Tools

Time is the key thing to manage for any recruiter. As they grow faster, they need to
understand the importance of Time Management. Some of the recruiters also use a tool
that manages their time and tasks. Time Management Tools are very responsive and
make you update about each and every event on time. So you never miss any important

As we recruiters need to work with different vendors and clients and external third party
companies, this tool can make your work so easy with the precision.
Example: Asana, Trello

4. Other Important Tools

Recruiters have to manage so many things at one place. So they can use so many
technology options as mentioned below.

● To manage online meetings and collaboration with remote workers, they can use
the Zoom Meeting Tool . This can also help you in arranging online
interviews/video interviews.

● To manage their internal communication and fill the gaps between the team
members, they can use Slack Chat Tool . This allows you to create your own
workspace that can be used within your company premises.

● For sourcing, they can use different sourcing add-ins or you can say browser
extensions too. These souring tools fetch the profile and important information of
the candidate without downloading the resume.

● Recruiters can also use password management tools as they need to manage
all of the above tools and their passwords too!!!

So, these tools can help you in improving your recruiting business productivity. To read more
about solving your recruiting difficulties, you can visit iSmartRecruit – A Complete Recruitment
Solution and ask for a Free Demo now.

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