Find the Perfect Black Server Aprons for Your Restaurant

They say the devil’s in the details, and it’s certainly true when it comes to the way we dress. A well-designed dress code can mean all the difference in the impression a business leaves on its clients. If you want to create a formal and classy environment for your customers to dine in, then the classic combination of dress pants, a Black Server Apron, and a well-pressed button-up shirt is the only uniform for you.

But what style apron should you be using? The best apron retailer in the business – aptly named Best Aprons – offers more than ten different kinds of aprons alone. From short to full length, waist apron or bib aprons, and more unique cobbler and smock apron styles, there’s a full range of options to choose from that will change the personality and presence of your restaurant. With Best Aprons, you’ll never have to worry about quality; all of their high-quality aprons are made of stain, spill, and wrinkle resistant washable cotton and polyester blend fabrics which are durable enough to be put through as many washes as you need and still be ready to work. With so many different cuts and styles of aprons made at this level of quality, the only thing you need to worry about is deciding which style best suits your business.

The first step is to decide on a length. A shorter black server apron is best suited to a cafe, deli, bakery, or diner. This style of apron combines efficiency with formality, perfect for any eatery where food is expected to come especially quickly. You can order them with or without pockets for order pads, pens, and other utensils in both standard and plus sizes. Best Aprons’ short aprons fall between 12 and 19 inches down the thigh, ending above the knee.

Full-length aprons are better suited to formal restaurants as they bring a level of elegance that most diners expect when choosing to spend a night out. Full-length aprons are also available with or without pockets and fall below the knees, extending 32 inches in length. All aprons are unisex sized and easily fit any server.

After determining the proper length for your black server apron, you can choose between bib aprons and waist aprons. Waist aprons are appropriate for most servers in standard restaurants and can be paired with the matching uniform vests also available from Best Aprons. For cafes, bakeries, and delis, however, it is common to use bib aprons. As a general rule of thumb, if your servers are also handling the majority of food preparation – composing sandwiches, scooping ice cream, retrieving pastries from the glass display – then a bib apron is most appropriate as there is a greater risk of spills.

Best Aprons also sells child-sized aprons, which offer full coverage to protect your youngest team members. All of the aprons and uniform vests from Best Aprons can also be customized to have your restaurant or business’s logo embroidered on the front.

With no minimum order requirements and lightning fast shipping, you can order as many elegant, fully customized aprons as your business needs right now and have them delivered in just a matter of days! So get covered and get back to what matters most – providing quality service and great food.

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