The Definitive Guide to Stream Your Wedding Live


Whether you are planning an intimate wedding celebration, getting married in a tropical location, or having guests unable to make the trip due to a global pandemic, there are many reasons why you can choose to broadcast your Wedding Live Streaming to all of your friends and family to see! Thanks to technology, live streaming of your wedding has never been easier. Whether you’re interested in a virtual vow exchange between a few close friends or live streaming the entire reception for your guests to enjoy at home, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to hosting a live streamed wedding.


Love always wins, and that has never been clearer than today. In the midst of a global crisis, many couples are choosing to do their best with their wedding plans virtually. For those who don’t have the ability to postpone, a virtual wedding celebration is a fun and creative option. While hosting a virtual wedding involves less travel, it’s not necessarily easy to plan the flow of your big day in a modern virtual format. For a totally virtual adventure, here are some helpful tips for having the epic and memorable wedding of your dreams:

  • Say Hello: Create an exclusive cocktail recipe before your wedding and email it to guests in advance.
  • Cut the cake: order a custom cake or make your own. You can keep the tradition of cutting the cake for your virtual wedding reception.
  • Make it fun: Consider adding games to your reception online, with prizes for the winners. Trivia, for example, is a great way for guests to test their knowledge of newlyweds.
  • Master the Music – Invite a musician to perform virtually and invite guests to join your first dance.


Perhaps the most common and enduring form of wedding livestream, an in-person combo and virtual wedding is a great way to have the best of all worlds. This type of modern wedding format allows you to experience the wedding you’ve always envisioned, while still making arrangements for those who are sick, unable to travel, or engaged. You can decide whether you want to have a stationary setup to record the big day (think: a tripod in the corner of your reception room) or pass a tablet around to add a bit of fun to the broadcast, allowing virtual guests to join in. trips to the bar or breaking a move during the Electric Slide. For a truly immersive experience, you can arrange for all of our virtual guests to be displayed on a projection screen for the entire party to see.


With today’s virtual weddings in vogue, there is no shortage of tools available to make your live streamed wedding a success. We’ve rounded up some of the top live streaming platforms available right now for you to choose from, and we’ve rounded up the pros and cons of each.

Facebook groups and Facebook rooms

YouTube live

Zoom Pro

Google Meet


If your virtual guests are not very tech savvy, YouTube Live allows you to create a custom link in advance ([yourchannelnameĆ­ritu/live) so that the broadcast can be enjoyed without any fancy software. YouTube Live is a great option if you simply want to broadcast your wedding rather than have guests on video.

  • Account required to view: no
  • Account required for setup: yes
  • Maximum number of guests: unlimited viewers
  • Cost: $ 0
  • Additional security features: no
  • Time limit: 8 hours.


Now that we’ve covered all the key information you need to know to livestream your wedding like a pro, let’s wrap it up with some easy-to-remember tips.

  1. Do not share your live streaming link publicly, to protect your privacy and that of your guests
  2. If you choose to DIY, be sure to pick a live streaming champion to oversee the process
  3. Check the internet connection two or three times instead
  4. Include the live stream in your rehearsal to ensure you have all the details covered

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