Remote Working Tools That You Need During The Work From Home

Remote Working Tools
  • FlipHTML5

You may need to create a brochure that is interactive for the sales, you may need to prepare lesson plans for your students. You may need to prepare a presentation for your next meeting. FlipHTML5 is one of the best remote working tools that everyone needs for creating your interactive presentations or content.  The FlipHTML5 can convert your static PDF into an interactive one by giving it an effect of the 3-D turning of the pages. You can add various elements such as photos, videos, texts, music to your final presentation.

  • Skype –Microsoft Corporation

The biggest advantage of Skype is that it has many existing users all over the world. You can also make calls with people who do not have an account just by sharing the URL, and the paid plan supports calling to mobile phones and landlines.

For corporate users, you can connect to your Office 365 account and use Microsoft Teams’ consistent and extensive online conferencing capabilities. In addition to functions such as scheduling linked with a calendar, conference memos that make full use of AI, and conference recording, it also supports live events that can be viewed by up to 10,000 people. You can centrally manage it within your Teams account

  • Zoom –Zoom Video Communications

Zoom is a communication platform that integrates online meetings and chats functions on the cloud. You can hold group meetings for up to 40 minutes and up to 100 people for free, and you can use one-on-one meetings without a time limit. Communication is stable because the application needs to be installed, and the mobile application is easy to use and has a good reputation. There is also a plan for web conferencing.

  • Slack-Slack Technologies, Inc

Slack is a business chat tool with more than 10 million DAUs (daily active users) worldwide. You can create a dedicated channel for each small project or team to aggregate information. It is a business chat that has abundant functions for linking with other services and is especially popular with IT companies that have many engineers.

There are many functions to organize conversations, such as a reaction function that allows you to respond to messages with pictograms and a thread function that allows you to organize conversations when you talk about one topic in succession. It also works with more than 1,500 third-party apps, including Google Drive and Zoom, to centralize notifications in Slack.

  • Asana –Asana Japan Co., Ltd.

Asana is a popular project management tool from the United States. It has a full range of task management functions and has a large track record of introduction to large companies. The free Basic plan for personal To Does management. The paid plan starts at about $ 11 per month, and you will be able to use the user management function. The convenience of being able to work with business tools such as Slack, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Gmail is also popular.

  • InnoPM –Cloudworks Co., Ltd.

InnoPM is a cloud service recommended for visualizing man-hours for each project. It can be linked with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar and can be operated intuitively by dragging and dropping. Since it can be input from a smartphone, it is also recommended for use by on-site staff and companies with many outside sales. The management function that allows you to change member settings and item settings in detail is also substantial.


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