Important Facts You Need To Know About Mobile Dentistry


A mobile dentist in California can bring dental services to patients that do not usually get any dental services at all. Patients that can benefit from the services of a mobile dentist include older adults who stay at home or in some institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes. Some patients suffer from dental phobias or are part of a population that cannot afford dental services since they come from low-income families. The vision and goal of mobile dentistry are to provide convenient access and to get rid of excuses for dental care for people regardless of their proximity or abilities. 

A mobile clinic is genuinely beneficial and makes health care accessible and convenient for people. But why are some people skeptical about their services. Read on to learn more about mobile dentistry. 

What are mobile dentists? 

These could be a team of dental professionals or an individual dentist that has a moving dental office. Mobile dentists specialize in providing quality dental care in the comfort of the patient. When people have restraints in being mobile but still require dental care services, mobile dentists can come to them and provide the necessary services. This is convenient and common for retirement communities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities. Some patients are homebound – the disabled and elderly patients that can take advantage of mobile dentistry. 

What services do mobile dentists offer? 

A mobile dental clinic offers a lot of services. They can perform usual routine dental procedures that are done in a regular clinic. With the help of advanced technology, using portable equipment and setup, digital x-rays, extractions, deep cleanings, denture fittings and root canals are some of the procedures that can be performed by a mobile dentist. Other procedures are done by mobile dentists for outpatients. 

What is a mobile clinic? 

When we say a mobile clinic, we might be thinking about a truck or a van. A mobile dental clinic can look different depending on the company. Some mobile clinics have receptionists and offices working for them. No matter the setup of a dental clinic, you should be assured that you will get all the necessary services from a mobile clinic. 

Pros of mobile clinics 

A mobile clinic offers a lot of benefits and overwhelming convenience to its patients. The benefits of mobile clinics are apparent. The patient doesn’t have to go to a clinic and wait in line to be serviced. Mobile dentistry is a blessing to the physically challenged, the elderly or homebound individuals. Mobile dentists can also help patients overcome dental phobia and provide care to the underserviced population such as rural communities that do not have enough dental clinics. 

Besides, a mobile dentist in California can provide dental care services to children or students who may not be able to visit a dentist regularly or at all because the work schedules of their parents are tight or transportation and some other cost-related challenges.

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