Common Challenges To Maximizing The Return On Investment Of Energy Management Systems


Regardless of your geographical spread or portfolio, energy management systems Arizona (AZ) are valuable tools for managing assets that consume energy in your facility. Because you cannot see everything at once, EMS features sensors that detect humidity, temperature, gas, energy and water. Installing EMS alone won’t bring substantial savings. Businesses also need to know how to get and analyze data and take the necessary actions on the information. If you have found a major challenge, you aren’t alone. Here are some common challenges that people phase. 

Lack of documented enforcement or standards 

Implementing corporate-wide configurations for things like close hours and open hours or staggering starting hours should be an important component of your energy strategy when commissioning your control system. Documentation and communication are very important. 

We have seen a lot of instances where these standards aren’t well enforced or documented or operational parameters may not have been configured appropriately during programming. The main objective of energy management systems is to capture the optimal configuration for your facility. 

You should then ensure you have the necessary support from your organization to implement the standards and enforce them. You need to think about who will be affected and address any concerns before you roll out your standards. 

Overrides of the system 

System settings stay constant over time in a perfect world. However, system overrides are a necessity, especially when you have customer or employee complaints about temperature or lighting or you have to adjust settings for different store hours or an unusual event. 

Monitoring the overrides is simple if you have a handful of sites and it becomes a real challenge with thousands or hundreds of locations. Communication and process are very important when it comes to managing this challenge. It is important to implement a variance energy management process and pass the communication through the entire organization. This identifies a mechanism for variance requesting and associated approval. All these should be documented.

You can then ensure setbacks and schedules are changed back. You should periodically review your portfolio to identify any outliers. You will also need to establish permissions that set the limits on which people can override settings. 

The location of the sensor 

During the installation of your EMS, sensors are typically installed in a location that optimizes the performance of the system. However, over time, as facilities change and get remodeled, this ideal location may become a nuisance. You may have a sensor that controls the lighting of the interior. It was a perfect location when the maple tree next to it was planted but a few years later, when the tree grows up and obscures the light, it may cause the lights to come on in the middle of the day. You should know how to discover these sensor failures. You need to leverage your data if you are not receiving sensor alerts to look for outliers. 

You should compare the reading on the sensor with other sensors to identify issues with your energy management systems AZ.

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