Moonstone Jewelry – A Stone for New Beginnings

Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone- The Divine Beauty

The enigmatic stone with the joyful shimmer, ‘Moonstone’ stands behind a towering significance and has meaning within its energy. It is a veiled representation of light or the cirrus clouds lingering before the moon, and the power stone nourish, gives the passion and awakens the feminine energies. The pearly luminosity of Moonstone jewelry showcases beauty hosting deep meaning with waxing and waning of the moon, and it invokes tranquility that has a sensual and esoteric feel to it. The mesmerize gem lovers of different cultures with its other moldy facade and the glowing vitality can re-energized mind and body.

The orthoclase stone brings clairvoyance’s divine knowledge and facilities to the wearer, as it is the symbol of goddess spirit hanging like an orb above our head. The stone is made using sodium-potassium, aluminum silicate has a pearly iridescent look and is highly valued because of its rarity. They belong to the feldspar mineral family and ranges from transparent to opaque. They are found in peach, green, yellow, brown, blue, and pink hues and bring a sumptuous glow that lights up the dark, washing away fears and anxiety. The play of light in Moonstone is called adularescence.

Zodiac Birthstone

Moonstone jewelry which takes power from the moon, is the mothering birthstone for those born under the star sign of Libra. These people are already known for their refined, sensitive nature, conflicted behavior, and shyness. Wearing a moonstone pendant will help in all these problems, and it will make you confident and give you the ability to speak in front of a huge crowd. Apart from Libra, the Moonstone also offers unique benefits to the scorpions. It will provide you with its gentle feminine energies and balance the things in life. This stone never loses its connection with being and special amulet to drive our wellness into new realms.

Where are They Found?

India and Sri Lanka, and India are the best producers of Moonstone. In India, Bihar is the most famous for sending the stone all over the world. They are also taken out from the USA, Brazil, Myanmar, Norway, Australia, Tanzania, Germany, and Madagascar. Taking about the history, Moonstone was very famous in Switzerland’s Adult mountain. Rananjay exports provide the double-A quality stone which comes from Bihar, and then these big stones are cut and converted into small jewelry pieces at the manufacturing unit.

Varieties of Moonstone

The glowing vitality of Moonstone earring re-energizes the mind and the body, droving away the negativity. The intense gold, blue and purple rays embraced the gleaming white energy, making it the protective gem. Moonstone was a shard of solid moonlight, and it appears to be that gazing at the stone can make you see the goddess Diana and bring love and fortune to the wearer. Let’s talk about some varieties of Moonstone.

Blue Moonstone

This stone is connected to woman, the tides, and the unconscious, as it is used to accompany those who use it in an inner journey and discover the hidden truth. It is a lava stone, and the crystalline system is mono-clinic. As the blue color symbolize the air, water, it has been a fixture since ancient times.

White Moonstone

Moonstone Jewelry

The white moonstone necklace has the most transparent white light that captures hope and magnifies emotions. Wearing a white moonstone ring will bring a splendid glow and become the centerpiece for jewelry. You can pair this ring with any outfit, as it will give confidence to your personality. Wearing this stone will develop your aura wherever you go. You can wear this ring every day while going to the workplace, as it will look beautiful and it could be your good luck charm. Everyone in your office would highly appreciate you.

Multicolored Moonstone

It is the prism of light and psychic protection. The colorful stone is rich in goddess energies pulling back the veil so that the wearer can go beyond the periphery. Thus, the person wearing the Moonstone pendant would always be ready to lend a hand with lucid dreaming and sweet clarity. Moreover, this stone is a cosmic connector. It would balance the energy and would welcome the abb and the flow of yin and yang.

Where to Buy From?

The magical Moonstone is the best fit to gift yourself on any occasion, or even without any event, as it will bring happiness to your life. You can easily buy it from the online store, Rananjay Exports. You can order the items wholesale. They are the best manufacture of 925 sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. This site will give you a high-quality stone every time you order in the time of fake and fraud. They don’t compromise with the quality. They believe in customer satisfaction. Browse their website, check out their beautiful designers’ accessories, and have a fantastic experience shopping with them.

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