How To Successfully Choose An Energy Monitoring And Management Solution

American energy monitoring systems

Finding the right American energy monitoring systems is one of the best ways to reduce energy consumption in your business. We are living in a highly competitive business environment and finding effective ways of reducing costs is on every business owner’s agenda. Energy management is an effective way to reduce energy costs for most businesses and rising energy costs can make the business case more attractive nowadays. Here are some tips to guide you on how to choose the right energy management and monitoring solution for your business.

Know your requirements

It is important to start by understanding the energy flows that your business wants to monitor so that you can know which solution will work for you. Do you want to measure data on electricity consumption and record only or you also want to monitor the use of thermal fuel such as oil and gas consumption? Do you want specific circuits and areas to be monitored? These are some of the questions you need to ask and find answers to before you proceed to choose a solution.

Go for real-time data

It is very important to ask the supplier about the type of data that will be available from the solution before you choose. Some solutions provide only quarterly hourly data on your facility or building on a site-wide basis. This is a straightforward way of collecting data from utility meters. Other energy management services will offer better granularity on data collection when it comes to the usage of electricity, offering real-time data by area and on a site-wide basis. This type of information is better as it offers better scope for identifying saving opportunities.

Don’t choose monitoring only

When choosing an energy solution, the solution you choose should offer more than just the display of energy data daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. You should consider if the solution offers a cloud-based solution where you can access it from any device. You should also consider whether there are energy consultancy services and customer support provided. Can the solution identify significant consumers of energy automatically and discover energy-saving opportunities?

Match the energy solution to your expertise

It is crucial to understand who will be using your energy solution. You should know whether users are looking for a complete energy management system for the whole building which offers control of appliances and equipment. These solutions can be over-specified, complex and very expensive for a lot of people to use. An intuitive solution to use allows you to monitor the use of energy in the areas you want. It also facilitates analysis and reporting. Such a system may be a good choice for your business.

Label the circuits before installation

It is important to ensure that all energy flows you want to monitor are labelled correctly before you start doing any works. This is very important to ensure energy data for particular circuits is reliable.

Understand the requirements for installation

When it comes to choosing American energy monitoring systems, it is very important to ask your supplier what you require for the installation.

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