How To Make Money From Your Professional Choir

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If you are a member of professional choirs orange county California  or you own a choir then it is important to know different revenue avenues for your choir. Choirs need money to run and without money you will not be able to afford paying for venues, transportation and equipment. You also need money to market your choir and pair choir members if they are doing it for commercial purposes. Read on to find out some of the most effective ways you can make money.


Whenever you have a concert, you can sell tickets to your fans. You should set a suitable price that most of your fans can afford. Most choirs sell tickets online nowadays so you need to have a professional website where you can sell your tickets. However, it is important to remember that not everyone will buy tickets online. Some people like to buy tickets at the venue. It is therefore important to sell concert tickets at the venue. You should share with your fans on social media on how they can buy your tickets.


There are a lot of ways you can sell advertisement to get paid. However, your choir should be popular for you to get the best advertisement deals. You can partner with corporate companies that can place banners in strategic locations at your venues and pay you in return. Aside from advertising in the best professional choirs near you in California, you can also advertise online.

You can place adverts on your website using advertisement providers such as Google ads. The more quality traffic you have on your website, the higher you are likely to get paid. You can also hold online concerts on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram where you can advertise your client’s products.

Selling merchandize

If you have created a name for your choir then it will be very easy to sell your merchandize. You can come up with different types of products such as t-shirts, shoes, perfumes, petroleum jelly, alcohol, food products and more. You can easily sell your merchandize during your concerts, on your social media accounts and on your website.


If you offer free concerts then the other best way to raise funds for your choir is through fundraisers. You can hold fundraisers on your website where people can offer donations to support your choir. You can also host physical fundraiser events and invite prominent people such as politicians, sportsmen and other musicians to come and support your choir. You will be surprised at the number of people who support your choir. ‘

Hire your equipment

Some choirs have invested in high quality and expensive equipment that they can hire to other choirs in the area. this is a quick way to generate an income but you should ensure that your equipment is insured and you have proper documentation when you hire of your equipment. Other professional choirs orange county California can hire your guitars, pianos, flutes and other equipment for a few days or even weeks and pay you in return.

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