How To Hire A Food Truck For Your Event

food truck

Orange county taco catering has been booming for over a decade now. It is now a two billion industry and still growing. Despite the popularity of food truck, they do not break the bank. They can be less expensive compared to traditional catering forms.

When hiring the right food truck for your event, it is important to do your due diligence to ensure you hire the right service. You will find that food trucks vary widely.

Learn the cost of hiring a food truck and set your budget

The cost of hiring a food truck ranges from about 10 dollars to 35 dollars per guest. This means that the cost of catering for 100 people ranges from about 1000 dollars to 3500 dollars. This is a wide range so we will look at the various factors that influence the cost.

The pricing structure

When it comes to booking a food truck for your event, the main pricing structures are attendee-pay, catering and business guarantee.

Attendee pay

This is very common at large events that host several trucks. With this structure, attendees order and pay for their own food as they would do at any food truck location. With this structure, food trucks aim for about forty to sixty sales per hour. Sometimes, the food truck will pay a fixed amount or a percentage of the event venue to the organizer of the event.


With this structure, the catering company acts as the caterer and offers an agreed-upon menu for the agreed-upon number of people.

The location

Food trucks are more expensive in busy metro areas than in rural areas. Ingredients, labor and permits are more expensive in such areas and food trucks will charge more money to maintain their profit margins. In less populated areas, the home base of your food truck may be significant kilometers away. Expect to pay a premium to have food truck operators come to your location. Mid-sized and small towns with food truck catering options are the cheapest locations.

The food types

A food truck providing sides, mains and drinks for dinner and lunch will be more expensive than a dessert truck. A food truck that caterers an event such as evening wedding receptions, with the complex logistics and dinner will be more expensive. Some trucks will come in at the end of the catered reception. Hot dogs, tacos, and BBQs tend to be cheap. Costly ingredients such as lobster may be more expensive.

How many food trucks do you need?

One food truck can serve about 200 to 300 attendees. You need several trucks if a meal is one of the draws of the event. You will also need to book several food trucks if everyone will eat at once. You can consider one truck per four hundred attendees or if there are other attractions during the event.

Talk with the Orange County taco catering owner about your attendee estimates and find out how many customers they can serve per hour. Offer the truck owners estimates of attendees before the event.

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