Find Your Way To Get Permanent Residency Visa Subclass 482

Permanent Residency Visa

If you’re a skilled migrant to Australia and want to get a job with an Australian company, you can apply for the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482. This visa has been designed to fill the shortage of skilled workers for companies who cannot find suitable talented individuals among the local Australians. Holders of this visa also get the chance to nominate for their occupation and apply for an Australian Permanent Residency Visa after a specific period.

From this blog, you will get comprehensive information about this visa and how it can help you get an Australian PR.

How is the TSS Visa 482 different from the previous 457 Visa?

From 2018, the 457 Visa has been replaced by the TSS 482 Visa, and it is now the only available short-term working visa. The main difference from the previous 457 Visa is that the 482 Visa has three streams – Short-Term Stream, Medium-Term Stream, and Labor Agreement Stream. If your occupation is included in one of the skilled occupations lists, you will be eligible for the 482 Visa.

However, there are other differences too.

  •     The English language proficiency requirement for the 482 Visa is stricter compared to the 457 Visa.
  •     For the 457 Permanent Residency Visa, one could apply for permanent residency after staying in Australia for two years. But, now, that required number of years has been raised to three.

How can you apply?

You have to go through a five-step application procedure.

  •     In the first step, you must get the necessary sponsor confirmation from an approved employer.
  •     Next, you must nominate an occupation included in the relevant skilled occupation list and secure a 6-month role with the employer.
  •     Then, you should gather the necessary documents.
  •     You have to follow labor market testing.
  •     In the final step, you can submit your application online.

What are the three streams under the TSS 482 Visa?

The 482 Visa has three streams to which applicants can apply. As long as the visa remains valid, applicants can travel with their family members within and outside Australia. According to the 482 Visa conditions, you will have limitations to work in your specific occupation. Your family members are also allowed to study or work in Australia.

Short-Term Stream

Here we discuss the specifications of this stream.

  •     You should have an approved business sponsor.
  •     The occupation you have nominated should be included in the STSOL (Short Term Skilled Occupation List).
  •     Except there is an international trade obligation, this visa will allow you to live for 1 to 2 years.
  •     You should meet GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirements. It means you have to prove to Australian Immigration that you are coming to Australia for work.
  •     You should get 4.5 in each component of IELTS, with an overall band score of 5.
  •     You can apply for this visa while not being in Australia. But, to apply for renewal, you must be physically present in Australia.

Medium-Term Stream

Unlike the Short-Term Stream, the application charge is relatively higher for the Medium-Term Stream. The visa specifications are as follows.

  •     If you want to apply to this stream, your occupation should be included in the MLTSSL (Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List) or ROL (Regional Occupational List).
  •     You can apply for this visa multiple times, but you should also consider the cost factor.
  •     This visa will let you stay for 5 years.
  •     An overall band score of 5 with at least 5 in each component needs to be scored in the IELTS.
  •     After 3 years of stay in Australia under this stream, you can apply for a permanent residency.
  •     You can renew this visa onshore.

Labor Agreement Stream

An Australian employer can sponsor you under this stream if it has signed a labour agreement with the Home Affairs Department.

What are the different conditions to apply for a PR on the 482 Visa?

Applicants on the Medium-Term Stream can only apply for an Australian PR through the Employer-Sponsored Temporary Transition Stream. But they must satisfy the following requirements.

  •     The occupation should be included in the Medium Term List.
  •     They have worked for the same company for 3 years.
  •     They have never changed their occupation in the 3 years.
  •     A competent level of English (an overall band score of 6 in IELTS) will be required.
  •     Their age must be less than 45 at the time of application.

What are the eligibility requirements for the 482 Visa?

For a successful application, you must meet the following 482 Visa requirements.

  •     You must have prior work experience of at least 2 years in the nominated occupation.
  •     Work experience can be flexible, depending on the industry.
  •   The work experience will be calculated based on full-time work, which will be for the last 5-year period.
  •     Your genuine sponsor should give the nomination.
  •     English language proficiency is a must.
  •     While applying, you should have a valid functional visa, like Bridging Visa 010, 020, or 030.
  •     You should meet stream-specific requirements.
  •     Meeting health and character criteria is necessary.
  •     You should meet the specific visa obligations.

What is the training requirement?

Employers need to contribute to some obligations for this visa application, called the Skilling Australia Fund Levy. According to the Government rules, employers will pay SAF levy to assign international skilled workers. This condition applies to the nomination applications for the Visa Subclass 186, 187, and the TSS Visa 482.

If an employer assigns a worker under permanent and temporary employer migration programs, it will be required to pay for it, as per the Migration Amendment. This amendment is the new compulsory requirement for the 482 Permanent Residency Visa. A small business with a yearly turnover of less than $10 million will be required to pay $1200 annually. On the other hand, a large company will pay $1800 annually for a yearly turnover of $10 million or more.

What is Condition 8607?

It is another new condition for the primary Visa Subclass 482 holders. Under this condition, a visa holder can change their occupation before getting a new visa and starting working.

What is the general visa processing time?

482 Visa processing time is different for three different streams.

  •     For the Short-Term Stream, 75% of applications get processed in 49 days, while 90% get processed in 5 months.
  •     The processing time for 75% of the Medium-Term Stream applications is 4 months. On the other hand, for 90% of applications, it is 8 months.
  •     75% of Labor Agreement Stream applications get processed in 5 months, while 90% take about 12 months.

What are the salary conditions under the TSS Visa?

An approved sponsor who wants to recruit a skilled international worker should pay a maximum of AUD 25000 per annum. It makes sure that the skilled worker gets enough money to live and the local labor market also stays on a high.

Who can help you?

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