Working Holiday Visa 462 To A Student Visa 500 – Application Process In Australia

Student Visa 500

Many Working Holiday Visa holders do not wish to return home and extend their stay within the Australian soil. On the other hand, many people opt for a Working Holiday Visa 462 extension to complete their ongoing studies. 

Australia is a country, which is home to some of the best and top-notch universities across the globe, and it’s one of the reasons people, especially students, do not wish to leave this nation. 

Back in July 2019, Australia has received over 800,000 enrolments from international students. This is why the Visa Subclass 462 holders choose to reside within this beautiful country instead of leaving.

What Are The Courses To Study With WHV?

Many WHV or Working Holiday Visa holders wish to extend their studies within the Australian waters. But others embark on a completely different study or career, which they have never got the opportunity to do. But here, in this section, you will find some courses, which you can study as an international student. Check it out!

  • Human Resources.
  • Nursing.
  • Leadership and Management.
  • Trades. [bricklaying, trading, etc.]
  • Business.
  • Hospitality Management. 
  • T. [cyber security, web development, etc.]
  • Yoga.
  • Commercial Cookery and Patisserie.
  • Social Worker.
  • Teaching

These courses can also opt through the Student Visa Subclass 500, but as a Working Holiday Visa holder, you are eligible to opt for these courses. 

Transition From SV To WHV: How Does It Work?

As an international student, when you apply for a student visa in Australia, you will get the chance to receive a BV or Bridging Visa. This Visa will enable you to live within the country of Australia until you receive a proper decision over the student visa application. But remember, the Bridging Visa will not replace your Working Holiday Visa. 

Until and unless your WHV visa expires, your BV will sit quietly in the background, and there will be no problems during that process. You will receive a Bridging Visa A or BVA once you apply for the student visa. Also, keep in mind to apply for a student visa before the WHV expires. 

On the other hand, a BVA visa will not give you the chance to travel outside of Australian soil. So, if you are planning to travel outside of the country, you need to apply for the BVB or Bridging Visa B. 

How To Apply For A Student Visa 500?

When you have decided to apply for the Student Visa Subclass 500, you first check your eligibility. Doing so will help ensure whether or not you meet all the correct visa grant and lodgment needs. Evidence required to be provided along with the visa application will depend heavily on the provider’s immigration risk model and the country the candidate belongs to. 

The combined immigration risk results of the student’s country of citizenship and education provider are used to guide English language and financial evidence. These are some documents that each international student has to provide when applying for a student visa. 

Given below are some of the indicators utilized by the Department that help determine all the risk ratings, which are allocated with all the countries and their student providers. Take a look!

  • The rate of subsequent protection visa application-10%.
  • The rate of visa application refusals-10%.
  • The rate of student visa holders transforming into unlawful citizen-15%.
  • The rate of cancellation of visas-25%.
  • The rate of refusals because of fraud-related reasons-40%.

Apart from that, you need to provide all the essential documents required or necessary to complete the student visa application. You also need to pay the application fee. 

Taking A Look At The Actual Student Visa Requirements

Just like Working Holiday Visa, all student visa applicants have to fulfil specific requirements. They are:

  • Medical Examination: Before applying for a student visa, you need to undergo a medical examination. It will help in determining whether you have any existing health conditions or are entirely healthy. 
  • Evidence of Genuine Access to Funds: For the 12-month stay within the country, you need to have $21 041 along with the course fees. This particular fund is calculated through pro-data and differs significantly if you have taken a shorter course. 
  • English Language Test: You need to show evidence of your English Language Test, such as PTE or IELTS, and it should meet the minimum requirement. 
  • OSHC: As an international student, it’s essential that obtain an OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover. This particular insurance policy will cover the entire duration of the course you have taken. 
  • Translations: If you belong to a non-English-speaking country, you have to translate all your documents and other papers to English. It’s because Australia is an English-speaking nation for which you have to provide everything in that language.
  • Temporary Entrant Statement: You have to provide a letter which explains the course you have taken. Along with that, you also have to state your intentions after you complete the course. 

How Will The Migration Agents Help You?

The migration agents are the best people to turn to when it comes to WHV and SV. They have the skills, knowledge, and understanding of proceeding with the student visa application and working holiday visa. Once the Immigration Agent Perth learns who you are and what you are planning to do, they will immediately provide you with many courses. 

Taking their suggestions will surely help you walk the correct path and obtain all your objectives. Apart from that, education consultation Perth will strategically organize your time and enrolment for the visa application. Doing so will surely help you with your WHV along with its work rights. Make sure to provide all the things you want so that the agents can offer you the service you truly desire. 

Ending Note

Now, you don’t have to worry much when your Working Holiday Visa is coming to an end. You can easily apply for a Student Visa right before the WHV expires so that you complete your education within Australian soil easily. 

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