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Brightree Billing Services

If you had provided a certain service all you expect is the payment for it. Delaying or not receiving the payment for your work will only generate frustration and stress. Same for healthcare organization once the healthcare providers render its services all it expects is a faster payment. Delaying in payment will only create stress and shift healthcare provider’s attention to billing service and not to patient’s care. As revenue plays the backbone in such a healthcare organization. This is why proper trained resources are much needed in medical billing services.

Today with the rising demand, increase amount of visits and medical problem it becomes difficult for healthcare organization efficiently working on their billing service with in-house resources. This is one of the main reasons why more healthcare providers are seeking out for outsourcing option for their medical billing services.

Updated software solution is what healthcare providers face problem with. Keeping up with regular software is difficult for in-house staffs. As often it is seen that in-house staff is often juggling between front desks and billing work. In fact this is one of the reasons for billing and coding errors, which results in denied claims.

Responsive and flexible RCM Team makes the workflow easy, as dedicated trained peoples are hired for particular work process. This ensures faster and higher accuracy rate regular follow up and more. As in medical billing organization only deals with medical billing services making them the finest.

Robust reporting this helps providers pinpoint the trouble areas helping them in focusing on the area needed.

Now the question comes of which outsourcing organization to choose? There might be lots of options as the medical billing industry is increasing daily. Though brightree billing services, Athena health and other medical billing organizations has different privileges Sunknowledge Service Inc stand out of all. As Sunknowledge is 70% cheaper than brightree billing service it is a decade’s old 100% HIPAA compliant organization. Apart from reducing your operational cost by 80% we have all the above qualities. Sunknowledge billing executives have experience in working on several industry standard practice management and billing software like, PrimeRx, Kareo,OPIE, Brightree billing services etc.

As far as responsive and flexible RCM team is concern we also have pool of resource management team with no cost dedicated account manager for all your medical billing problems. In fact we also have robust reporting too, helping providers get customized reporting daily/weekly/monthly according to their protocol.

 Other benefits opting Sunknowledge:

  • 99.9% accuracy rate with no hidden cost
  • 30% reduction in AR bucket
  • 97% collection rate even from ageing account
  • Turnaround time less than 24- 48 hours with operational transparency
  • No contractual binding
  • Excellent visibility and proven expertise

So call Sunknowledge Service Inc and get a tailored customized profitable solution for an effective revenue generation. For more information you can even speak to our expert over a ‘no commitment call’. Call us and get one step closer to effective revenue generation.

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