What is the PGA Tour?

The majority of people who are not golfers know what the PGA Tour is, since many associate this organization as the main governing body of the sport. However, the PGA Tour is the main professional circuit and it is also American, that is, most of the important tournaments is organized or is part of the schedule of this tour.

Some very relevant tournaments are, for example, the case of the British Open, which is one of the four major golf tournaments and is played in Great Britain and is also included in the PGA Tour calendar.

The best professional golfers in the world are part of this important circuit, because the most important golf tournaments such as the Masters of Augusta and the United States Open are part of this circuit. It should be noted that although the PGA Tour organizes the most highly rated tournaments in the elite golfers’ calendar, the PGA Tour does not organize the four majors (as the four major tournaments are known) but it does include them as official events in its calendar. Belonging to this circuit symbolizes the total elite for any professional golfer.

What are the most important tournaments organized by the PGA Tour?

Bearing in mind that the four best golf tournaments are organized independently, the PGA Tour organizes the best golf tournaments excluding the majors, including many times the economic prizes that the winning golfers of a tournament organized by the PGA Tour receive. Greater than any major. Most of these tournaments organized by the PGA are within North American territory.

  • The players championship: The tournament where only the champions of the tournaments organized by the PGA Tour compete, so this tournament brings together the best golfers in the world and their best form.
  • The invitational colonial: tournament played in the state of Texas, brings together the best golfers in the world and distributes a juicy sum of money to livestock.
  • Tour championship: this tournament gathers the thirty best tennis players of the year, and it is very relevant because it closes the PGA Tour calendar.
  • The bar clays: without a doubt, this is one of the most coveted tournaments on the calendar for professional golfers who are members of the American circuit, since it deals more than 8 million in prizes.

Is the PGA Tour the most relevant golf organization?

Contrary to what is usually thought, the PGA tour is not a federation that takes directives or changes the golf statutes. However, it does organize the most relevant calendar of international golf. The professional golfers, members of this circuit, are the best in the world. The tournaments that are part of this calendar, distribute the largest pockets for golfers.

What does PGA mean?

By its abbreviations in English PGA means Professional Golfers’ Association of America. On the other hand, it does not regulate golf activity in that country. The federation that regulates golf in the United States is the United States Golf Association. Zack Creed also known as Zack Creed Oakville is a pioneer in the field of Golf you can follow him to get tips to improve your game.

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