Best Internet Services Provider in 2019

The best internet service provider really depends on which area you live, which companies will be available in your region and how will you be using the internet connection. But there is a bitter truth of the internet service providers is that regional monopolies and natural topography prevent providers from being available everywhere. Depending on where you live, you might have a lot of options. But you will have to narrow down yourself by finding out the best providers.  We found the best internet service provider based on speed, prices, and data with some minor considerations for customer service ranking with different speeds, prices, and connection types.

We have done some reviews of various types of internet service provider types but if you are not sure still what the best is for you yet, we have rounded up the best providers below to help you out and let you make the best decisions.

The best internet service providers:

AT&T internet – Best Customer Service.

Verizon – Best Fiber internet provider.

Spectrum – Best cable internet provider

Frontier Communications – Best for Cheap internet

Comcast Xfinity – Fastest max speed.

Windstream – Best for Business internet.


How We Chose the Best Internet Service Providers for you?

  • Coverage

More than anything, where you are living will determine which internet service provider you may choose. According to the FCC, a larger number of Americans  have access to only two options which includes the Satellite and internet service provider which are available everywhere. And the lesser numbers don’t have a choice any choice at all.  Building out the infrastructure and wiring to the services in a new could be a big risk within itself since it’s a bigger investment and it might not pay off in an area where large providers and companies are already existing and dominating the regional market. Thus monopolies do exist and limit the options that consumers might have.

  • Speed

Speed a concern where most consumers can get choosy and cut out the companies that do not provide speed at least 25 Mbps, the FCC’s benchmark for good internet speed. Your location could be a major constraint for speed as well as it keep changes according to where you live. According to our survey, we got quotes to see what kind of service we could expect on average.

  • Customer Service

When you make sure you are giving best it is likely to be you get the best. Because no one really wants to get in any battle every time calling the customer service. We inquired for customer satisfaction ratings from the Ameican Customer Satisfaction Index  (ASCI) to find out which companies had a reputation for excellent customer service. The ASCI reported that every year people using data from 70,000 how happy they are with the services. Likewise, JD Power is using nationwide survey to score the customer satisfaction scores.


Why we Choose AT&T?

  • Excellent Customer Service

AT&T consistently has been always topping the chart for the best customer’s services. The company won the JD Powers Internet Service Provider Satisfaction study for the North Central Region in 2016 and 2017. Moreover, it was the only provider to score a rating of 5 out 5 in call categories, performance, and cost of service, billing, customer service, and communication.

  • Impressive speeds.

AT&T fiber-optic network delivers amazingly fast internet speed, providing all the way up to 1Gbps in most of the cities. This type of internet connection is awesome for larger house network with heavier activities especially HD streaming and high gaming. If you are living in an area that is not equipped with fiber optic internet lines, AT&Ts DSL is a solid option for lighter internet usage and smaller households, perfect for communicating and browsing. Providing speed up to 100 Mbps by the far the fastest DSL option we found.

  • Broad Coverage

AT&T is available to the consumer than any other non-satellite internet service provider in the country. Its fiber network is available to 11.3 million people just beating the second Verizon Fios. Its DSL service is even better and more impressive.


Why we Choose Verizon?

  •  Fast Speeds

Verizon’s fiber service offers speeds from 50-100 Mbps. According to FCC 2016 report showed that Verizon’s actual average speed offered more than what company advertises. 111.28% to be exact. This new was on the great for those who use the internet for more data-intensive activities like high video streaming, conferencing and online gaming. Verizon Fios, in particular, excels at service for gamers. After having a record of latency and jitter data from more than 1000 registered readers, PCMmag found out that Verizon had faster and more consistent speeds than any of the providers on our list. And it was called the top gaming internet providers in  2017.

  • Two-year contract discounts

If you are willing to stick to Verizon for more than a year we would suggest you to buy for the two-year contract. You can get a discount rate of $10 cheaper per month for the first year and you can earn a year promo prices before the rates go back to standard prices. Depending on pricing in your area you can save up to $30 per month.

  • Excellent Customer service

Verizon toping and outranked all the providers scoring 7/10 from the ASCI in 2018 and the same score from Reader Score from Consumer reports. It also received JD Powers customer satisfaction award for East region scoring 5/5 for overall satisfaction, performance and reliability, cost of service, communication and billing and customer service.


Why we Choose Frontier?

 Affordable DSL plans

If you are looking for some cheap packages, Frontier has the same really cool and cheap plan for you. For $20 per month, you can get the 6 mps plan, which is strong enough to let you stream video and browse the web both at the same time. If in case you have multiple devices streaming at the same you might have some issues. But for smaller household, it’s the best option.

  • Flexible controls

Being the only ISP we saw that Frontier had no contract option with all of its plans. A remote and nice feature for all those who plan to move or change jobs soon. Most companies charge a big amount for early termination. On top to that Frontier, no-contract plans still come with 2 year price lock so you won’t suddenly have rates hiked without any warnings.


Why we Choose Spectrum?

  • Fast speeds

Spectrum does not offer any internet plans that start at less than 100 Mbps. With Spectrums enormous fiber coverage, many plans start at incredible 200 Mbps, enough to let you stream 4K video on your smart TV, play PUBG and browse twitter all day long at the same time.

  • Generous Buyout

If you plan to leave your current ISP, the spectrum offers an amazing contract buyout promos. If you pair your service with TV and phone, Spectrum will help cover early termination fees up to $500.


  • Customer Service

Spectrum provides an amazing drastically improved services. It has a service rating that falls above-average approx. 6/10 from the ASCI and 5/5 from JD power. Since the acquisition by Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, it brought a refocus on Customer service and it has certainly delivered.


Here was a detailed comparison between the 3 best internet service providers for more information read here.










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