Unplug from Time to Time and Book Wildflower Holidays in China Every Spring

Wildflora Tour

No matter how you have been taking work-life balance seriously, you need nature in life. Nature takes you back to life. Nature is what you need when you ebb away from life connections. Only to regain productivity and creativity in life, seek nature. And, nothing could be better than spending a few days in the midst of meadows and diverse grasslands. The abundance of flora and fauna is sure a sight to behold in eyes forever. If you are going to Huanglong or Shenxianchi, every heart will definitely flutter away with the series of endemic flowers.

Taking a break for 15-20 minutes during office hours is never enough for revitalizing grey matters. In the post-modern era, greenery is only stipulated within the air-freshener. People are far away from balancing out physical and mental wellbeing. Spending 5 days in the Sichuan basin, it is possible to get the necessary natural exposure. In this way, you can come back with a new self. Needless to say, wildflower holidays around the Shangri-La pass or Wolong Nature Reserve may turn your life 360°. If you are still confused about the benefits, go through the following tips.

Perks of Observing Native Wildflowers

China has a long history of endemic flowers. The endemic flowers have evolved in China years after years. So, you can guess that the flowers have been a part of the wildlife evolution. As the flowers are present in various sizes, shapes, and colors, you can see different insects swarming around.

There is Yunnan Cypress which blooms in the southern and central parts of Kunming. However, the flower is now rapidly decreasing due to over-exploitation and poor regeneration. Another popular native flower is Dove Tree. Its petals flutter just as white doves. Apart from these flowers, the country gives birth to numerous orchids. Cypripedium henryi, Paphiopedilum tigrinum, and Cymbidium elegans are only a few to mention. It goes without saying what a great opportunity is waiting around the corner.

Improving Focus Overall

The recent studies show that aids in restoring attention span. There is a link between the natural environment and attention is found. Many of the studies shed light on how natural landscape influences the people positively. The urban jungle lacks in real wood and natural flowers. The burden of artificial flower bouquet seems to be ever growing. For this reason, when people are witnessing high tufa forest landscape before their eyes, they are inhaling the natural essence. The wide acres of various orchids will definitely spark joy in your heart. Or, when you finally reach Balang Mountain, you can witness more than 5 types of Meconopsis.

Now, coming back to the context, the flowers will capture attention even when you are not focusing consciously. Gazing at Meconopsis or Corydalis during wildflower China tour can restore attention. When you return from the week-long flower trip, you will be focused on work more than ever.

Benefitting Physical Existence  

Apart from increasing attention, the wildflower fields have a strong effect on the human body. You can dwell 14 days in the core of nature. This state is likely to regenerate physical levels with better immunity, low blood pressure level, and boosted emotional balance. You will be miles away from undergoing the signs of digestive disturbances, anti-inflammatory effects, and irritable bowel syndrome. Additionally, there is a low risk of suffering from heart disease, asthma, and arthritis.

You still can unplug from work from time to time. Meditation is a great relaxation technique but you cannot depend on it solely. Only if you can manage to take off in the evergreen and colorful meadows of Qingcheng Mountain or Xiling Mountain, you can reap benefits. Book your tickets now.

Author bio: Kong Jen is a regular blogger interested in backpacking across Asia for finding wildflower China. Here, he talks about the importance of choosing wildflower holidays to improve physical and mental health.


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