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SEO in New South Wales Australia helps you to rank higher than your competitors in search engines. But if you don’t know the tricks that will get your e-commerce websites to higher ranks in search engine then you will miss out on important clicks that could have converted into sales. Whether you just started setting up your new site or improving your existing site, this guide will give you important suggestions for stepping up your game.

Nowadays, you shouldn’t just target to reach the first page in search engine rankings. You also have to come up with catchy Metadata, headings and a high-quality website to convert your traffic into sales. Our tips will help you optimise your e-commerce website for search engines.


Before you start your SEO work, you should begin by researching important keywords and research about your competitors. There are some important areas you should focus on when researching keywords. You should find keywords for your product pages and your homepage. When you want to optimise important pages on your site, you should consider the search volume, the relevance and the ranking difficulty. You should always look for keywords that are relevant to your products. The keywords should have high exact search volumes.

You should be very careful not to pick on keywords that are too competitive. If you have a broad match, you will end up with high bounce rates and this will mean low conversion rates because people will be clicking on your site and failing to get what they are looking for. Also, if your SEO Company in NSW Australia goes for keywords that are highly competitive, it will take a long time to achieve high rankings.

Identify current problems

You will need to audit your site and find out problems that need to be fixed. You should focus on site errors, the speed of your website, and the responsiveness of your website. Find out if there are some deleted pages and redirect the links to the home page. If your site is not responsive, mobile phone users will not find it friendly and they will avoid your site and go to your competitors. Slow websites will always have high bounce rates and this means loss of customers.

On-page optimisation

While it is important to do off-page optimisation for your site, you will equally need to do on-page optimisation. On-page optimisation involves all the actions you take within your website pages to help your website rank higher. When it comes to on-page optimisation of your website, you should focus on the structure of your site, keyword optimisation, internal linking, social media integration and rich snippets.

Blog content

Some people think that an e-commerce website doesn’t need web content. For your SEO New South Wales to work, you need to work on your blog content. You will need to use high-quality content in your blog content. Include videos and photos of your products in your blog content and give people links in the content to go and purchase the products.

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