Why Women’s First choice to buy Silver Rings?

Sterling silver rings

If you are on the market for a ring for that special lady in your life, it is important to consider the wide array of options available. Among these, silver rings remain a popular option and you will find trendy pieces in every collection. Due to its extremely soft nature, pure silver is not suitable for jewelry making and you will thus find sterling silver jewelry on the market. Sterling silver is an allow containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% metal for added strength.

So, why are silver rings a woman’s first choice? This article examines a raft of reasons that make silver the first choice for stylish women shopping for rings. Keep reading.

1. Brilliant Luster

Silver is one of the most beautiful metals and it is no wonder it has been around in jewelry making since the early civilizations. The bright luster of silver makes this one of the best metals in jewelry making and women find silver jewelry irresistible. The shiny silver finish makes it easy for a woman to use a ring as a statement piece and the bright color is easy to blend with a wide range of outfits.

2. Durability

Every woman’s dream is to buy jewelry that lasts long. Sterling silver is a durable material and many fashion conscious women go for silver rings as a first choice due to this. The metal added to pure silver makes this one of the toughest materials in jewelry making. The silver ring owner doesn’t have to worry about dents and scratches because the material is tough and resistant to such damage.

3. Versatility

If you are in the market for trending jewelry, you can find all the latest styles created in silver. Jewelry designers find sterling silver easy to work with and this makes it easy to customize and shape into limitless shapes and designs.

Women go for silver rings because they can choose from a wide array of styles and setting including the Prong Setting, Channel Setting, Bezel Setting, Cluster Setting, Gypsy Setting, solitaire, three-stone rings, tension style rings, and many others. Silver works seamlessly with popular gemstones such as diamond, sapphires, ruby, amethyst, jade, pearls among others.

4. Ease of Maintenance

A silver ring doesn’t require special care, and this makes it a woman’s first choice. Silver jewelry can last a lifetime, and in many cases, they end up becoming part of the family heirloom. These pieces require no special attention, and with proper storage and regular wear, they will outlast the owner. With proper care and by avoiding chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, and bleach, silver ring owners can maintain them for a lifetime.

5. Safe Jewelry

Silver is hypoallergenic, and this makes it safe for everyone to wear. Most women want jewelry that won’t cause skin reactions, and when looking for a ring, a silver one becomes the obvious choice. Genuine sterling silver jewelry doesn’t cause skin issues and for women with sensitive skin, this is great news.

6. Affordability

If you want to buy a beautiful statement ring, you have to set a huge budget for a common white gold or platinum piece. Luckily, an equally beautiful silver ring costs lower and is readily available. You will get the same brilliant appearance of other expensive white metals without burning a hole in your pocket.
Silver ring oozes luxury and elegance yet it doesn’t set you back financially. You can shop for sterling silver rings wholesale to upgrade your collection at a small cost. Most women pamper themselves with silver jewelry because it is an affordable luxury and there’s no compromise on the quality.

7. Rich Heritage and Reputation

Sterling silver jewelry has a rich reputation and anyone who understands their jewelry will instantly note a silver piece. Many women want to look elegant by wearing jewelry that everyone can recognize. A silver ring oozes class and style and it is for this reason many women go for it as a first choice.

8. Trendy Styles

Fashionable women want to stay up-to-date with trending jewelry styles. Sterling silver jewelry wholesale New York  allows fashion-conscious women to keep up with the trends. Jewelry designers use silver to create impressively styles rings and other accessories to match the trends. This is one of the many reasons women choose silver rings as a first choice.z

Sterling silver jewelry  is durable, stylish and oozes timeless beauty. A silver ring is easy to wear with any outfit and it is easily recognizable everywhere you go. These pieces are easily customizable, trendy yet affordable and all these reasons make it is the first choice for the stylish modern woman.

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