Why Women Aren’t Swiping Right on Your Profile

Dating apps are a great way to meet wonderful Woman you may not have crossed paths with otherwise. But if your right swipes aren’t being reciprocated, chances are your profile’s got issues. Here are some elements women see as red flags. Fix ’em fast and your whole world might change.

  1. You’re wearing sunglasses in every shot: We get it—sometimes you take pictures when it’s sunny outside… and you look great in your shades. But they also completely hide your face, and makes us very skeptical. Think about it: Would you hit up a girl who was always wearing shades?
  2. You’ve only got selfies: Selfies are a little strange in general—especially for guys. They’re acceptable on Snapchat to send to close friends, but if your dating profile is made up entirely of just photos you take of yourself, it makes us wonder if you have, you know, friends. Also read most trending how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini.
  3. You’ve got too many ladies in your pics: No woman wants to feel like she is already competing for you. Why should she? And if you’re really around as many women as your profile indicates, why are you even bothering with a dating app?
  4. We can’t find you: Online dating is all about the quick swipe through. If you have too many group shots and we can’t easily figure out who you are, we’re moving on. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  5. You’re more shirtless than Gronk: It’s awesome that you have a great body and want to show it off, but it doesn’t always come across as “hot.” More like “he’s trying too hard.” Just something to keep in mind before you go looking through the beach photos…
  6. You don’t list your job: It’s one of the very few questions asked on most of the dating apps. If you don’t fill that part out, we’ll assume you don’t have one or are embarrassed by it. And if you’re embarrassed, we will be too.
  7. You’re a mama’s boy: You probably think it’s clever and cute to say that your mom thinks you’re a 10. But you wouldn’t believe how many guys think they’re putting original lines in their profile that we’ve seen over and over again. That’s one of them.
  8. You aren’t using your words: We’re not looking for a 5,000-word Bill Simmons column. But if you can’t take the time to write some sort of bio that tells us something about you, we’re not going to take the time to swipe right. It’s that simple.

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