Why the Armalite Defender 10 Is a Top Pick for a Sporting Rifle

There are many reasons why one might choose to invest in a semi automatic sporting rifle, and each of them as valid as the last. For target practice, for competitive shooting and for 3 gun competition, autoloading sporting rifles are tops as your main piece or part of your repertoire. For self defense, there is hardly a better choice than a semi automatic rifle with a decent capacity. At range, they are far more accurate and typically host cartridges that have much more stopping power and are more accurate than similar shotguns or handguns, and in the right hands can shoot more effectively and more quickly.

For hunting, and especially for varmint control and chasing species like hogs where fast follow up shots may not just be convenient, but absolutely essential for success and safety, a sporting rifle is tops. Add to this list the light weight, ergonomics of most models, and the seemingly infinite door of options that most platforms offer the shooter in terms of mounts, furniture, optics and more, a semi-auto is simply the way to go – and for more applications, the most versatile shooter in which a sportsman or competitor could invest.

Many shooters lean on the ubiquitous AR-15 or models designed to compete with it. This is a safe pick that will afford the shooter a boatload of utility. However, what options might present themselves for a shooter with similar needs, but in search of a similar platform designed around a heavier hitting cartridge that was still economic and short action? That’s where the Armalite Defender 10 comes in.

From the same masterminds that perfected the AR-15, the Armalite Defender 10 is a platform designed around .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO, which offers, among things, significantly more ballistic energy in a similar profile to the ever popular .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO. For many reasons that extra energy might be preferable, and it would be exhausting to list them, but suffice it to say, that would come in critical in many hunting and self-defense situations. Just like what you get when using 9mm ammo for your purpose.

That’s not to mention the immense investment Armalite has made in developing the rest of the gun. From the manufacturer, the rifle has a capacity of 20+1, offers a 16-inch barrel that is lightning quick in response and swing, and is largely aluminum to save weight, coming in at 8 pounds even without any accessories or furniture. The barrel even has a suppressor to help rein in recoil when the shooter will be enduring a day of heavy shooting, say at the range, or to minimize muzzle jump when multiple shots need to be made accurately.

So there are your essential arguments in favor of the Armalite Defender 10, though many more could be written on it. The case is closed – where should you sign up to get one? At G4G Guns, where not only will the process be easy and streamlined, but where the people know their guns and where you can shop conveniently online for all the trappings to make it specially yours. At G4G Guns there is a portal right on the main page that outfits the purchase with all of the ammo, furniture, optics, grips, mags and other parts you might like to personalize and customize your new sporter. Add to this the fact that G4G Guns offers all the other essentials for your sporting needs, from field gear for camping and hunting to equipment for fishing and range essentials and you have yourself an outfitter that is impossible to pass by. Very few outfitters are as comprehensive – head to G4GGuns.com and see the difference.


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