Why Men Give Flowers to Women and Some Historical Facts About Flowers!!

Historical Facts About Flowers

You can express your emotions through your words, your expressions and with some surprises and gifts that you buy for your loved ones. Express what you really think of them and how important they are to you. Bring out the purest emotions of love, friendship, trust, confidence, affection, infatuation with some alluring flowers.

The language of blooms and flowers is essential when you want to gift them to someone special.

People openly communicate their feelings, but sometimes words fall short. Some token of love like fresh blooming roses or a bouquet of orchids can be the easiest way to convey much more than just a few words would do.

Not only is this any modern ritual, but since historical times exchanging feelings with the gift of blossoms is a dominant thing. Even the Greeks respected it and regarded it as high value. The middle ages saw English and French using variations of blossoms to adorn their homes and made flowers an essential part of their special occasions.

The Victorian times also witnessed the use of blossoms as codes for the giver and recipient. To keep your divine love flowing and the brook of love nourishing your relationship, then a fresh flower would do wonders.

Why men give flowers to women is a question that would and anyone. This good old practice is undoubtedly a way to demonstrate decency, respect, gratitude and love for any person who adores someone they want to appreciate. A flower could do it in the best way.

Here are a few reasons why men prefer giving blossoms to a lady they love.

  1. To have a decent impression

It is common to find the person kneeling down and proposing to a special lady with many roses. Even on the first date, the lady is delighted with some yellow flowers that signify a relationship of friendship.

For communicating your love, the red roses and the red lilies do the job. It may seem to be entirely out fashioned, but it is the best way to begin a relationship. You can begin your new bond of love with the bliss of lovely flowers and show your infatuation.

  1. An expression of interest

Be it a birthday, anniversary or just another day that you want to make special. Anniversary flowers can help you to make these events a blockbuster experience.

You can buy some blossoms for the lovely lady and add a handwritten note to the surprise. Blossoms can be perfect surprises on different occasions. Giving flowers as a token of appreciation and recognition is what flowers do.

  1. Flowers as a token of admiration

A bouquet of fresh lilies could be perfect for your daughter, whose smile is worth a million dollar. A pretty fresh pink rose is perfect for the beautiful lady who cooks your favourite food. A pretty sunflower is perfect for the one who guided you always and showed you the best part for you to follow in life.

  1. Flowers are used to celebrate occasions

On mother’s Day, your mother would love to enjoy a floral treat. Decorate her room with fresh rose petals that makes the room ambience brightened up with fragrance. You can have your wife wake up to a fresh bouquet of lilies on her birthday.

If your friend has been promoted or your son has scored the highest in the school. If your brother or sister are celebrating the joy of buying a new home, then you won’t get a better gift than presenting them with pretty flowers. You can gift these along with the handwritten note that wishes them luck and prosperity in life.

  1. Flowers for enjoying life

Plan for a perfect evening delight along with some fresh flowers. Write a letter to the one who has been your partner for years. You can have blossoms such as sunflowers, daisies, hydrangeas, orchids etc., to enchant the receiver.

The blossoms can be a perfect way to make any occasion unique and memorable. You can have different coloured, sized flowers arranged into an exquisite arrangement. You can send flowers to Mumbai and have an evening celebrating traditions, symbolising emotions and cherishing each moment of togetherness with your loved ones.

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