When to Get a Building Permit in Toronto and when Not to?

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“Do you know when to get a building permit and when not to? No? Then read this blog now”!

When you live in Toronto, there are various things you need to take care of since there are so many rules and regulations to follow; especially, when it comes to home renovation or adding a structure to your house. Well apart from planning it in the right way, you need professional help so that your building meets the standards and you do not have to pay fines, or just get into some troublesome legal actions. It can also lead to the removal of the work already done. So be very careful so that you do not end up in regret!

You will get the Building Permit Toronto only if the work meets the regulations. Inspections would be conducted to check that the work is done in compliance with the rules.

But do you know when you actually need a permit and when not? If no, then you need to keep scrolling down.

When You Need a Building Permit

So you need a building permit when there are certain basement finishes such as structural fixes, adding a second room or basement entrance, altering a heating or plumbing system, etc. You also need it when you are getting a detached garage constructed, or may be a workshop, carport, pool house, etc. You should apply for it when you are adding a floor, or a sunroom, or a porch to the current house. Other constructions include building a deck which is above 60 cm above the ground, adding or removal of walls, making green roofs, installing or making changes to a fireplace or a chimney, changing the usage of your house, etc.

It is actually impossible for you to keep track of the entire list. That is the reason why you need professional help when it comes to Building Permit Richmond Hill. Choose a company that has experience in this and can help you with smooth and fast building permits. Check the rating and reviews of the company prior to booking. You can also ask on social media platforms to come across good companies.

When You Do Not Need a Building Permit

Many-a-times, people get confused as to when they need the permit and when not. However, your confusion will only end when you will talk to a professional who has adequate knowledge about the same. However, you project needs to adhere to the basic requirements. Without further blabbering, let me enlighten you about the times when you do not need to get one.

You do not need one when the basement finishes do not involve any kind of material or structural fixtures, or there is no extra room built. As long as you do not need new plumbing installations, it is not required as well.

You do not need building permit when it comes to deck work only if the finished deck level is a maximum of 60 cm above ground and is not attached to the unit. Building permissions are also not required when you are simply adding or replacing insulation, installing skylight in a small house, retaining walls on properties, which is lower than 1 m in height.

So, now you have a rough idea about this thing, right?

And do you know the consequences of working without a building permit?  Well, you have to face a penalty, which is quite high. Your renovation can also get stopped and you can get charged legally because of not adhering to the regulations. So do not take a risk.

I hope that this blog was helpful for you all. I have mentioned them in details and to know more, consult a professional. To get an idea about ECA application Toronto, please read my next blog. Thank me later!

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