What you need to know when painting the exterior of a house

From choosing the best exterior paint to prepping the exterior of your home, we have the best tips to make your exterior painting job easy and professional. You do not want to start your project and get distracted in the process due to a lack of proper equipment or bad weather. Here are a few important things you should consider when painting the exterior of your home.

Consider the weather

It is important to plan ahead when painting. The time of year is very important so you should try and understand your weather patterns. Choose a dry time when there is still low humidity and little rain. Your paint needs to dry and it won’t adhere to wet surfaces.

Quality over price

It is important to choose high-quality paint since this means you will apply paint fewer times over a long period. You will also get better paint coverage when you paint. You should bear in mind that paint technology has improved in the past few years. Colors now last longer than they used to last. Do not be tempted to skimp on quality paint to save money with a cheaper brand. You are bound to have trouble and end up paying more in the long term. It is, therefore, better to spend upfront and save more in the long run.

Sand and wash

You should know that even the best exterior paint colors will not adhere to rough and dirty surfaces. You should therefore ensure you clean the trim and siding thoroughly and allow it to dry. Remember to sand any peeling paint and create a solid surface for the paint to adherer to.

Remove rotten siding

Rotten siding and wood are nearly worthless and you shouldn’t paint on these materials as they will continue to deteriorate even after painting. There are a couple of options. You can replace the wood trim or siding with new components before painting or if the rot has affected a small area, you can use wood hardener and match it with an exterior filler product. Make sure you prepare and sand the surface before painting.

Use primer

You should apply a good coat of primer to the surface, sand and then apply your paint colour coats. You should follow this rule and remember that the new paint technologies have combined paint and primer into one product. This means that when you go with such brands, you will reduce the number of coats you apply. The newer type of paint is more expensive and may be comparable to the purchase of paint and primer separately. Read the reviews of these new paints.

Paint from top to bottom

When applying the best exterior paint, you do not want to ruin where you have already painted. Starting at the top and painting your way down will help control streaks since you will be working with gravity and not against it. Drips will be there but this method allows you to remove mishaps in the direction you are painting.

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