What Makes CiviCRM the Best Choice for Non-Profit Organization?

CiviCRM is a free software that is specifically designed for civic and non-profit organizations. The software allows an organization to record and manage the data about members and other organizations it deals with. The need of such Customer Relationship Management tool is very vital in nonprofit organizations as the administrators, managers and coordinators have to be very quick with the solutions.

CiviCRM is an open source software that is designed to install on other open source CMS, such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. CiviCRM helps organizations with several basic tasks, including contact management, contribution management, event management, case management, membership management and email marketing through its amazing features. Let’s look at some of the functionalities that make the CiviCRM the best non-profit CRM software.

#1 Easy to Use Dashboard

CiviCRM provides customizable web-based dashboard to access every task. The dashboard offers a plethora of options, such as you can create members to work with different organizations at different levels. You can organize the list of members and use it to assign permissions.
#2 Membership Management

An organization can create the list of members with multiple tiers of memberships. The admin must set up membership types based on different plans and accounts. The civiMEMBER module offers plenty of customizable options to create desired membership structure and manage memberships.

#3 Event Management

CiviCRM has some outstanding event management module. The civiEVENT features allow you to easily keep registration records, track participants and attendance information. You can add a myriad of customizable fields and still integrate everything flawlessly.

#4 Manage Contributions

With the CiviCRM’s civiCONTRIBUTE module, organizations can manage contributions both online and offline. The system will automatically create receipts and thank you messages. When the contributions are well managed, many organizational faults, confusions and extra work can be avoided.

#5 Organize Email Communications

CiviCRM offers very competent email communication feature known as civiEMAIL, that any organization would expect from a customer relationship management software. Events can easily be synced with social media, Google Maps and iCal. It can also generate and send out newsletters to members.

#6 Develop peer-to-peer fundraising

The CiviCRM system allows members to create and run their own campaigns. Each contributor makes a new contact, or else, links the transaction to the existing contact. In addition, these contributions are processed through the same fees and processors.

#7 Contact Management

Get rid of big folders and piles of paper business cards. No need to deal with manually manageable excel sheets with scattered data. CiviCRM lets you record and manage your contacts as you wish to do.

#8 Case Management

With CiviCRM’s customized workflow management solution, you can manage all the activities, set deadlines and schedules in one module. This feature is what makes CiviCRM an efficient system that can easily manage workflows. civiCASE is the dedicated CiviCRM module that aids in case management of constituents and clients.

It is imperative for any organization to understand its goals and needs before opting for CiviCRM software. At Velox Softech, we help you consider all the aspects of your organization such as the current workflow, the number of members and association with other organizations, and we would suggest to invest in CiviCRM only if your requirements match the services of CiviCRM.

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