What is The Best Family Location Tracking App for Parents?

Parental control is a vital issue of parenting that has currently become an additional priority for the widespread handiness of smartphones and net technology. Cyberbullying, harassment and much of offensive content area unit associate ineluctable a part of on-line activities and it will affect your family through your kids’ behavior. Activate Google parental controls in your browser to scale back the influence. So if you want to track the cell phone of your kids you need an application of a cell phone tracker.

Generally, children watch YouTube the foremost app you want to activate the YouTube parental controls as a result of neglecting the web safety or not paying a lot of attention can do hurt to your children’s temperament within the long-term.

There are plenty of parental control solutions on the market for iPhone and android parental controls to assist you to shield your child’s virtual life and keep them out of the web dangers to make a healthy balance in productive parenting.

FamiSafe may be an ordinarily used application for Famisafe parental control app, developed with innovative options that change oldsters to watch smartphone activity of kids remotely. It’s additionally usable on each golem and iOS devices. It lets oldsters manage screen time, track their kids’ location, scan websites and acquire enlightenment on their phone concerning their children’s phones.

The parental watching answer, FamiSafe android offers YouTube video detection and device watching. Oldsters will adjust their children’s YouTube account for afraid texts on YouTube and trace inappropriate video titles, illustrations, and responses that youngsters have submitted.

You don’t need to be around your kid the least bit times to remember what your kid is doing. All you would like is parental management apps. They’re going to permit you to stay track of what your kid will on his or her phone.

If your kid uses his or her phone too usually, you’ll prohibit his or her actions with these apps. You may additionally continually apprehend wherever it’s.

Use the apps on this list therefore you don’t need to worry about your kid any longer.

Features of FamiSafe 

Real-time location: With GPS location hunter, oldsters will track the child’s device to confirm safety.

Location History: Check location history anytime, anyplace by timeline.

Activity Report: It monitors all the device activities and app installations.

Screen time: The screen time feature permits you to regulate track app usage.

App Blocker: oldsters will block sure distracting apps with this feature.

Web filter: you will be able to block inappropriate websites over chrome and hunting expedition.

Browse History: you will be able to the track phone to look at mechanical man personal browsing history.

YouTube monitor: It detects distressing videos or monitors the inappropriate content within the videos. On the side of it, you will be able to lock those videos if they’re not smart for your children.

Explicit content detection: It monitors suspicious messages on social media handles and SMS.

Suspicious photos: It right away offers you an alert once detection the smut pictures in your kid’s phone’s gallery.

How to start with the Famisafe parental control app?

It is simple to start this app with 3 direct steps:

Register: Register a Famisafe account on the web site or transfer the app from the gawk play and app store.

Install: Install the Famisafe app in each of the kid’s yet as parent devices.

Connect: currently, connect and manage all devices from the Famisafe dashboard app or internet portal.

Price Plans and availability

You can transfer this app either from the web site or the Google play/play store in your mechanical man and iOS phones severally.

After you have got registered the account on the app, you’ll be able to get pleasure from the fundamental options accessible for complimentary. However, to avail of the advanced options, you wish to get a subscription initial.

Evaluation set up is as follows:

– For Quarterly set up, you have got to pay $6.66 per month that is beaked quarterly at $19.99. As a part of the set-up, you’ll be able to embody up to ten devices per account.

– For the Monthly setup, you have got to pay $9.99 per month. However, you’ll be able to embody solely five devices per account.

– For annually set up, you have got to pay $3.49 per month that is beaked annually at $41.99. As a part of the set-up, you’ll be able to embody up to thirty devices per account.

Download this app here

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For any question, you will be able to visit the client support team or move into the client support range given on the web site. Time management is therefore vital nowadays and what’s higher than the Famisafe app to watch the screen the children’s screen time anytime and track the period of time location of the device. This enables children to review, move with family, and play games instead of outlay time on the phone all the time.


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