Wellness Without Compromise with Yoga

The wellness industry is growing at a rapid pace all over the world. In recent decades, health experts have been grappling with the exponential rise in diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems etc. The problem is daunting since there are no medicinal cures for these lifestyle diseases. The onset of these diseases lead to further ailments over the years and the quality of life is hugely compromised. Various research works on the problem suggest that sedentary lifestyle of modern times has to be blamed for the menace. The need to adopt some form of physical exercise routine, like offered at Narrabeen Yoga, in daily life is emphasized to maintain health and fitness for every individual.

Yoga exercises are recommended since these have both preventive as well as healing attributes for many ailments. Yoga exercises are not a new invention but these have existed for tens of centuries in India. Yoga postures called asanas in Sanskrit are easy to learn and simple to perform. There are scores of yoga postures mentioned in the ancient yoga scriptures and each posture has been assigned a particular name like Padmasana (the Lotus Posture), Surya Namaskara (Salutation to Sun God), Madukasana (the Frog Posture) and so on. Every posture yields a set of health benefits which depend upon the stimulation it provides to different body parts.

Yoga exercises do not require any expensive machines or gadgets but it can be performed over floor mat. Yoga exercises can be done indoors or outdoors. United Nations Organization has declared 21st June every year to be celebrated as World Yoga Day to spread the awareness about its benefits. In Australia, the benefits of yoga exercises were accepted early and there are some yoga training centres which have existed for the last many decades. Narrabeen Yoga centre is one of the premier yoga training centres here. It has the faculty of very knowledgeable yoga teachers and thousands of people have taken a course in yoga exercises here.

The facilities and the training course at Narrabeen Yoga centre have been carefully structured to extend maximum benefits to yoga aspirants who come here in search of a natural remedy for their health ailments. It caters well to the amateurs with no prior experience in yoga exercises as well as the experienced ones who come for advanced training. Yoga exercises can be done at the pace that is suitable for the individual that makes it most suitable for people of all ages. The yoga therapy has been found useful for physical as well as mental health since it eases mental anxiety which is reckoned to be a major cause for various ailments in the human body.

The selection of yoga postures which will be most beneficial for the individual can be done by experts in the field. The teachers at Yoga Narrabeen centre recommend the appropriate yoga posture to the aspirant after assessing the health condition, medical history, age etc of the individual. Thereupon, the right technique training for performing the exercises is also given to the students.

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