Ways To Style Indian Jewelry With Western Outfits

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Have you ever thought of wearing Indian jewelry with western outfits? Sound crazy? Let’s find more about it.

It’s no surprise most of the space in your wardrobe space is dominated by western outfits. But when it comes to jewelry, your choices tend to gravitate to Indian jewelry. Well, that creates a huge contrast. Matching Indian jewelry with western outfits stone pendant appears to a fashion trend out of this world. But worry not, take a deep breath and read this article.

In this article, we’ll guide you on creating the stunning indo-western clothing-jewelry combination. So, step up your style quotient and read the styling tips mentioned below.

#1. Statement Necklace with a White Skirt: 

White shirts are the mark of professionalism. While it is interesting to know that your subtle white shirt can be worn in many ways. Apart from pairing it with formal pants, you can opt to wear it with an ethnic skirt. However, there is no hard and fast rule. You can also wear it with jeans and create a focal point of a statement necklace. Pairing a white shirt with a stone pendant or pearl statement necklace lends you a stylish look. Whether you wear it to family get-togethers, work, or any formal function wearing a statement necklace with the white shirt is definitely going to turn heads around.

#2. Silver Jewellery for a Boho-chic Outfit: 

Silver jewelry has a distinct charm. Either pure silver or oxidized silver, silver jewelry imparts you a boho-chic appeal. Adorn a silver coin necklace with a maxi dress or a cold-shouldered top. For a more impactful look, you can wear a silver necklace or silver dangling earrings with a formal shirt. Moreover, you can opt to wear a complete set including rings, bangles, and earrings with a bodycon dress to uplift your boho-chic charm. There are also silver studs online to complement your boho-chic look.

#3. Anklets with cropped jeans: 

Styling anklets with cropped jeans are a trend getting off the ground. There is no more a restriction to reserve anklets for traditional ensembles. You can look equally fashionable by wearing an anklet with cropped jeans. There are several ways to pair anklet with cropped jeans as they are available in varied styles. There are anklets with charms, shells, beads, etc.

#4. Kundan Necklace with a Strapless Gown: 

If you are thinking Kundan jewelry is just meant to be worn with the traditional outfit, then you are wrong. Don’t be shy to pair your strapless gown with a beautiful Kundan neckpiece. This will lend you a dramatic appearance without looking overdone. However, the rule of thumb is to wear a light-colored necklace with a dark-hued plain gown. A lot of B-town divas have been also spotted abiding by the same combination. Following it, definitely, you are also going to make a statement.

I hope this article inspires you to wear Indian jewelry with western outfits. Sticking to these trends you are going to make a remarkable statement.

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