Want to Make Your Maids Feel Comfy in Golden Dresses: Try These Fabrics

gold bridesmaid dresses

When you will choose some of your friends and relatives to work as bridesmaids on the very special day of your life, you want to make sure that they look ravishing and feel comfortable. After all, they also want to get Instagram-perfect look and dance with their handsome dates. And so, when you will go for shopping dresses for your maids, you need to consider both the color and the comfort level along with style and other details.

Are you wondering which shade to pick for your crew? Well, there is an abundant number of shades to choose from. Do you want to spread a romantic vibe or go for a regal one? If the second one is your preferred option, then gold will be the right hue for your maids. However, gold bridesmaid dresses that are made with poor fabric, is not something that you want to gift to your girls. The fabric is equally important as color. The fabric that you pick has a huge impact on how your bridesmaid will look on the D-day. The same golden color can look different when done in two different fabrics. Similarly, the same dress looks different based on how structured or soft the fabric is. So, before you choose a fabric, you need to understand what is it? Here, we have listed down a few fabrics that are used for making bridesmaid dresses. Take a look.

  1. Chiffon

It is a lightweight, sheer fabric that means it does not cling to the body and is very good for styles with lots of draping. As it is a sheer fabric, you will often find it draped in diverse layers. Chiffon does not have a distinct sheen and so, it allows delicate colors to come through. This fabric has a subtle accordion pleat. This fabric is ideal for outdoor and daytime weddings.

  1. Satin

When we think of silk, the first name that comes to our mind is satin. Silk can be rendered in almost any finish, however, the adjective “silky” it in satin form. It is both smooth and soft to the touch, and usually quite lightweight. But the degree of softness varies across retailers. It tends to drape with the body and has a lot of movement. This fabric is perfect for formal or night-time wedding and should be avoided for events that will be held in high heat because it shows seat easily.

  1. Jersey

Because of its close-knit structure, jersey is a stretchy fabric. Moreover, it is lightweight, and the characteristic feature is that it has one flat side, with the wrong side showing fiber piling. When more than two single jersey layers are knit together, the stretch is relatively reduced and the finish is heavier. Jersey has a beautiful drape and goes well with colors like gold, and thus, make it a fantastic choice for bridesmaid dresses. The interlocking knits make it very comfortable and make it the ideal choice for a snug fitting garment that will be comfortable too.

These are some of the fabrics that will look beautiful in a golden hue and in which your girls will feel comfortable. So, whether you want to buy floor length, two-pieces or long bridesmaid dresses, choose one of the fabrics and opt for a shop that offers these at affordable prices.

Author bio: Jack Miller, a fashion designer, and blogger on bridal gowns and long bridesmaid dresses, here writes on a few fabrics that you can choose when you have already decided to buy gold bridesmaid dresses.

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